List of Abbreviations for Tests and Trials

Dummy Tests (national rules and regulations)

Switzerland D1 - Dummy 1 (lowest grade) = puppy
D2 - Dummy 2 (middle grade) = novice
D3 - Dummy 3 (highest grade) = open
DS - Dummy Senior (8 years up)
Germany APD-A - Test with Dummies Beginner-Class
APD-F - Test with Dummies Advanced-Class
APD-O - Test with Dummies Open-Class

Working Tests (FCI- and national rules and regulations)

FCI WTN – Working Test Novice
WTI - Working Test Intermediate
WTO - Working Test Open
Germany WTA - Working Test Beginners
WTF - Working Test Advanced
WTS - Working Test Winners
Austria E - Starters / Beginners
WTL - Working Test "Leicht" = Easy / Novice
WTM - Working Test "Medium" / Intermediate
WTS - Working Test "Schwer" = Difficult / Open
Senioren = Seniors (7 years up)

IWT - International Working Test


Cold Game Test "C" (= intermediate level)
Cold Game Test "B" (= open level) – a CACT may be awarded

Field Trials

A field trial is a trial held on the occasion of a shooting day, thus at a field trial – by definition - the dogs are tested on freshly shot game. In England dogs are always off the lead once they are in line under the judge’s order. On the continent there are two different kinds of field trials:
FTf - Field Trial à la française (French style field trial):
FTa - Field Trial à l'anglaise (English style field trial):
Cértificat d’Aptitude au Champion de Travail: Certificate to become a National Field Trial Champion. This ticket can also be awarded in the "French style FTs", and a French style FTCh-title can be gained. However, it should be clearly stated whether a dog is a ChTf (= "French style" FTCh) or ChTa ("English style" FTCh).
Cértificat d’Aptitude au Champion International de Travail: Certificate towards becoming an International Field Trial Champion. The highest level of trials on the continent.
Réserve Cértificat d’Aptitude au Champion de Travail / Champion International de Travail: A Reserve ticket may be awarded to the runner up at a trial if the second-placed dog is very close to the winning one. Should the winning dog already be FTCh the RCACT or CACIT may be used towards making the dog up.

Different Champion Titles (Work only)

Titles in Switzerland, Germany, France & Italy:
Champion de Travail: National Field Trial Champion, awarded according to the national FT-rules of different countries. The abbreviations for these titles varies, depending on the country in question.
Champion de Travail Suisse = Swiss Working Champion
This title is awarded on cold game as that is the highest level of competition in Switzerland.
Champion de Travail à la française
"French style" (explanation cf. above)
Champion de Travail à l'anglaise
French FTCh "English style" (explanation cf. above)
Champion Complet = Complete Champion
A dog must have won an English style field trial each on water, driven trial and walked-up.
DRC Arb.Ch.
DRC-Arbeitschampion = German Retriever Club Working Champion. This is a title achieved at Working Tests.
Deutscher Field Trial Champion = German Field Trial Champion.
Deutscher Jagdarbeitschampion = German Gundog Champion. A title awarded for wins at specified Cold Game Tests.
Italian Field Trial Champion Title
This title can be obtained either at "French style" Field Trials or "English style" Field Trials. The title itself does not display in which of the two types of trials it was achieved.
International Field Trial Champion. (According to FCI-rules for Field Trials)
"very good" at an international show. There must be a span of at least a year and a day between these three qualifications.
Great Britain and Ireland:
Field Trial Champion (according to British Kennel Club rules and regulations).
Irish Field Trial Champion (according to the Irish Kennel Club rules and regulations).
International Field Trial Champion (a dog that has achieved both the British and Irish FTCh-title)
A dog that has obtained the title of Show Champion as well as Field Trial Champion.

Gundog Working Tests

Epreuve B
Qualifying test in France. A dog has to pass in order to enter a field trial. The dogs are tested on dummies and one freshly killed pigeon.
Bringleistungsprüfung für Retriever = A type of cold game test with very clearly defined exercises stating distances, what cover, etc. It is the type of cold game test a lot.
Jagdliche Jugendprüfung für Retriever = A type of young dog cold game test, which is intended to prove the dog’s natural ability. The dog must be between 9 – 24 months old.
Jagdgebrauchsprüfung für Retriever = Another cold game test along the lines of the tests originally designed for German gundog breeds. It takes place over 2 days and also involves an overnight blood track. Although quite demanding, like so many of the German cold game tests, it does not really test steadiness, insofar as even fairly hard whiners will pass it.
Langschleppenprüfungen = A piece of game is dragged for 800m – 1.5km. The dog has to work this out without any help from the handler once it has been shown the starting point.
Verbandsprüfung nach dem Schuss
Jagdeignungsprüfung = This is a type of preliminary test to show that the dog has the capacity to be used as a gundog.
Jagdeignungsprüfung mit Schweissprüfung = Like the JEP, however also involving a blood track.
Bringtreueprüfung = A fox or a big hare are put out at a certain disctance in a certain area some hours before and the dog is sent with one command only to find and retrieve it.
Vereinsprüfung nach dem Schuss = Probably one of the most difficult cold game tests along the lines of the German gundog breed tests. It takes place over 2 days and contains a 1000m, 24hour-old blood track, which has to be done without any assistance from a jugde. However, as with all these German test, steadiness is not taken too seriously.
SwI – SwII, etc.
Schweissprüfung im I. Preis, II. Preis, etc. = Blood tracking test with an 1st prize, a 2nd prize, etc.
St. John's Retriever Prüfung (DRC) = A Cold Game test of the German Retriever Club which brings in more freedom for the judges to decide on the type of exercise, etc.
Beginner's Test (Denmark).
Markproeve B
Cold Game Test. Three classes: Beginners – Open (Denmark).
Markproeve A
Danish Field Trials on live game.
Brevet International de Chasse Pratique. A Test with warm and cold game with fixed exercises, among other things a test involving a wounded duck (France).
Cold Game Test
This type of Cold Game test is run along the same lines as they would be in Britain.

Utility Dog Trials (Regulations of the Swiss Kennel Club)

Begleithund 1-3 = Companion Dog 1-3
Sanitätshund 1-3 = Red Cross Rescue Dog 1-3 (like a search and rescue dog)
Lawinenhund 1-3 = Avalanche Rescue Dog 1-3
Wasserarbeitshund 1-3 = Water Rescue Dog 1-3
FH97 1-3
Fährtenhundeprüfung = Tracking Dog 1-3

* - AKZ - Ausbildungskennzeichen = This means that the dog has passed the test. A minimum of 70% of the maximum points is required in all part of the test.
Grade 3 is the highest level of competition, in which the annual Championships are carried out. There are breed-specific championships as well as the all-breed championship in all the above-mentioned types of trials.

Schweizermeisterschaft für Retriever = Swiss Championship for Retrievers
Schweizermeisterschaft aller Rassen = Swiss All-breed Championship
Schweizermeisterschaft für Lawinenhunde = Swiss All-breed Avalanche Dog Championship
Schweizermeisterschaft für Sanitätshund = Swiss Red Cross Rescue Dog Championship
Special Medal = A so-called "Special Medal" which is awarded only in grade 3 and only once in a dog’s lifetime. The dog has to have obtained a minimum of 280 points (out of 300) at 3 consecutive trials in the same year. For avalanche dogs 2 trials are required.
Katastrophenhund = Disaster Rescue Dog
Suchhund / FS – Flächensuchhund = Search Dog
Obedience Beginner
Obedience 1-3