Loughbrook Goldcharm of Lafayette 'Boss'

(FTCh Lafayette Tolley x Yebrek Goldilocks)
  21.07.1996 - 11.11.2005
Breeder Mr. T. Hughes (GB)
Health results HD 3-3, ED 0/0
Eyes clear '05, prcd-PRA clear
Conformation very good (Show 2001)
Temperament test passed
Major results • 2003 Field Trial 'English style' 1st excellent CACT/ CACIT, Coullons (F)
• 2003 Field Trial 'English style' 1st excellent CACT, St. Benoit en woevre (F)
• 2002 French Championship 2nd excellent RCACT
• 2002 Field Trial 'English style' 2nd excellent RCACT, Lagesse (F)
• 2000 Field Trial 'English style' 2nd excellent RCACT, Camargue (F)
• 1999 1st Novice Stake, Suffolk (GB)
• 1999 1st Novice Cold Game Test, Great Livermere Hall (GB)

Boss was nearly 4 years old when I imported him from England. Actually he had been meant for an Austrian who had told me price didn’t matter – the main thing was that the dog had awards. There had been words of shooting and a wonderful estate, and that the dog would certainly be available to us as a stud dog.

Thus I had talked Nigel Mann into letting me have his Novice Stake Winner Boss and the dog flew to Switzerland with me. After a couple of days I finally managed to get hold of someone on the phone and learnt that the wife didn’t really want to have a dog, and that Boss would therefore be living in the yard in his new home… Well, in brief: I simply could not manage to give him away, as I would have felt like a terrible traitor because Boss’ endless trust in me had already become so clear within these few days.

Boss had lived solely in the kennel, and he had never set foot into a house; and yet he found his way around in all the unknown situations although he hadn’t gone to all the puppy socializing classes etc. In a placid manner he managed all unknown situations. He was the kindest dog imaginable; I never heard a growl or saw any dominant male behaviour in him. Sometimes he seemed to me like a child with big, wondering eyes, free of any suspicion.

Because I did not have enough time to handle Boss in working tests during the summer months, I would lend him to Anja Möller and Harald Hubert (Gunsight’s), where he participated in team and other working tests first with Anja and later with Harald. During the winter months Boss lived with me for field trialling.

From 2003 up to his untimely death on 11.11.05 he lived only with me.

On Tuesday after Whitsuntide 2005 a CT made it clear: Boss suffered from an inoperable tumour of the brain. With cortisone and antiepileptic drugs he lead a worthy life for the next few months – longer than the vets had told me. He was allowed to go along on the shoots in October and was happy in his own way to be able to hunt around in the reeds looking for ducks.