Haredale K-litter (*21.05.2001)

  • A. J. Ascot vom Keien Fenn A. J. Ascot vom Keien Fenn *21.5.1997
    (FTCh Tibea Tosh x Birdrowe Candy)

    HD-A2, ED clear, OCD-free
    Eyes clear '05, prcd-PRA clear
  • Blagroves Bramble ChTa & ChTCH Blagroves Bramble 09.04.1994 - 21.04.2007
    (Bellever Actor x Haretor Willow)

    HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD-free
    Eyes clear 09.06, prcd-PRA clear
    Conformation: very good
On 21st May 2001 Bramble whelped 9 puppies.
5 dogs black
4 bitches black

The entire litter is prcd-PRA clear as both parents were tested prcd-PRA clear.
Haredale K-litter
Name Health results Trials & Tests
Kane Khurt
† 19.10.2011 SanH1*, SanH2*, SanH3*
SKG SM '06 (3rd place)
    Owner: Milos Miodragovic, Untersiggenthal (CH)
• HD A/A
• ED 0/0
• Shoulder OCD (BVA/KC)
† 06.05.2015
BH1*, BH2*, Agility1-2, ObB, Ob1, Ob2*, Ob3*
Top Dog BH1 '03, Top Dog Obedience '06, RCS Winner of the year Obedience '06, SM-Obedience '09
    Owner: Monica Metzger, Heimiswil (CH)
• HD B/B
• ED 0/0
• Shoulder OCD-free
• Eyes clear 2007
SanH1*, SanH2*, LawH1*, LawH2*
Admission for breeding by the RCS with conformation result
    Owner: Erwin Betschart, (CH)
• HD A/A
• ED 0/0
    Owner: Alain Lachappelle & Sara Niederberger, Riehen (CH)
• HD B/B
• ED 0/0
Drug sniffer
    Owner: Jörg Röllin, Menzingen (CH)
• HD A/A
• ED 0/0
• Eyes clear 21.09.2010
Kanya's Trials & Tests
    Owner: Marion Schwaller, Biberist (CH)
• HD A2
• ED 0/0
• Eyes clear 2008
• CNM clear
WTA-O, NCT'03, Mock Trial Open, AP Dummy1-3
JP/R, JEP/S, BLP/R, VPS 1st place, RGP-Winner, PnS/R, SRP, FTf, FTa, APC, APB
Admission for breeding by the DRC with conformation resulat very good
    Owner: Harald Hubert, Nürnberg (D)
• HD B/B
• ED 0/0
• Eyes clear 2003
1000m-Blood Tracking Test
BH1*, BH2*, BH3, LawH1*, LawH2*, Sw-TKJ 500, FH97 1-3*,
    Owner: Jacqueline & Paul Koch, Uetliburg (CH), St.Hubertus
• HD C/A
• ED 0/0
BH1*, LawH1*, LawH2*, LawH3*, SanH1*
SpMed LawH '08
Swiss Avalance Dog Championship: '08 (10th place)
    Owner: Manuela & Hanspeter Balsiger, Lüscherz (CH
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