Haredale C-litter (*06.01.1994)

  • Hot Hound's Danish DukeHot Hound's Danish Duke
    (Dän.Brugs.Ch. Sparkfield Tobias x Mallards Blue Dun Spinner)

    HD A, ED 0/0
    Eyes clear '98
  • Bellever BonnyBellever Bonny *09.05.1988 - 03.09.2001 (FTCh Haretor Abel of Bellever x Palgrave Virginia)

    HD BVA 2/3, ED 0/0
    Eyes clear '96
On 6th January 1994 Bonny had 6 puppies.
1 dog black
2 dogs yellow
3 bitches yellow
Haredale C-litter
Name Health results Trials & Tests
(bitch yellow)
• HD A/A
• ED 0/0
† 18.02.2008
Blood Tracking Tests 500m/1000m, Btr, APC, Special Blood Tracking Test of the Austrian Retriever Club
BH1*, BH2*, LawH1*, LawH2*, LawH3*, 6x qualified for the Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship, got a qualification 5x, FH97 1-3
    Owner: Jacqueline & Paul Koch, Uetliburg (CH), St.Hubertus
(bitch yellow)
• HD A/A
• ED 0/0
† 04.06.2010
BH1*, BH2*, LawH1*, LawH2*, LawH3*
    Owner: Marlene & Fritz Maurer, Wolfhausen (CH)
(dog yellow)
• HD B/B
• ED 1/1
† 30.03.2007
BH1*, BH2*, BH3*, LawH1*, LawH2*, Obedience 1-3, WAH 1
    Owner: Ruth Clarke, Ulisbach (CH)
Carin Chuck
(dog black)
• HD B/A
• ED 0/0
† 04.10.2007
SM-LawH, SM-SanH, SM-SKG-SanH, Trophy fort he best Red Cross Rescue Dog 3, the best Avalanche Dog 3, as well as the best Débris Rescue Dog, and the trophy for the best overall results.
    Owner: Manuela & Hanspeter Balsiger, Lüscherz (CH)
(bitch yellow)
• HD A
• ED 0/0
• OCD-free
• Eyes clear
    Owner: Traude Radler, Klosterneuburg (A)
(dog yellow)
† December 2006  
    Owner: Axel Lutz, Stuttgart (D)

Cakra, Candra, Canas and Chuck on 6th January 2007, their 13th birthday!

Traude Radler's Cinta died some years ago; her line goes on in Austria through Amy v.d. Langen Lacke

Axel Lutz' Candrin died in December 2006.

Cakra belongs to Paul and Jacqueline Koch in Uetliburg. She enjoys her days of retirement after having had a lot of success at trials and tests in various fields of utility and gundog work.
Together they qualified in the following fields: CD1&2, Avalanche Dog 1-3 (6x qualified for the Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship, 5x with AKZ = trial passed); Tracking dog 1-3; Swiss Cold Game Test C, various Working Tests Novice & Intermediate; Blood Tracking Tests 500m & 1000m as well as the Special Blood Tracking Test of the Austrian Retriever Club; Btr.

Candra belongs to Fritz Maurer: both of them enjoy their retirement! The obtained some nice results in utility work, in CD 1&2, and Avalanche Dog 1-3.
In gundog work Candra caught your eye with her style; she ran in many working tests in the classes novice and intermediate and got more than one „excellent“ in the Swiss Cold Game test C.

Canas belongs to Ruth Clarke. He was always a very independent dog that required some strength from Ruth. Canas who looked very much like his sire, Hot Hound’s Danish Duke, particularly loves obedience work.
Canas passed his CD 1-3, Avalanche Dog 1&2, Obedience 1-3 and Water Rescue Dog 1. Further they also successfully ran in the Swiss Cold Game Test C.

Chuck belongs to Hanspeter and Manuela Balsiger. The performances and successes of Hampi and his Chuck are unreached: apart from recue operations abroad in earthquakes (e.g. Turkey) as well as doing disaster rescue work or search dog work in Switzerland, the two of them won the Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship on two occasions, coming 2nd or 3rd on three other occasions. In the class Red Cross Rescue Dog they won the Retriever Championship more than once and in the all-breed Championship they came 2nd twice (once with exactly the same number of points as the winner – the older dog got the Champion-title!).
For many years Chuck and Hanspeter were able to take home with them the Retriever Club trophy for the best Red Cross Rescue Dog, best Avalanche Dog, best Disaster Rescue Dog as well as the trophy for the overall winner.

The most beautiful moments are even today to see how all four dogs are happy when allowed to do some work!

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