IntFTCh Haretor Wischnu

(FTCh Haretor Abel of Bellever x Tarnroy Tasse de Thé)
  01.07.1985 – 19.03.1994
Breeder June Crowden (GB)
Health results HD A/A, ED 0/0
Major results IntFTCh - International Field Trial Champion
ChTCH - Swiss Working Champion
• 1993 3rd place Swiss Championship for Red Cross Rescue Dogs
• 1990 Winner of the Swiss Championship for Avalanche Dogs
• 1989 Overall Winner Open Division Game Fair Anoka, Minnesota (USA)
• 1989 4th place Swiss Championship for Red Cross Rescue Dogs
• Special Medal - Red Cross Rescue Dog 3 & Avalanche Rescue Dog 3

Wischnu was my first Field Trial Line Labrador. I had looked at a number of bitches over a period of about five years and had fallen in love with Tas on the spot: she was a daughter of the legendary FTCh Swinbrook Tan and caught your eye through her presence – it was clear to me that I wanted a puppy from her.

Of course I assumed that Tas (being yellow) would also have yellow puppies, but a good dog has no colour. Thus I bought my second Labrador after 10 years.

Wischnu was a very special dog. When not working he would lie down and give the impression of an utterly powerless creature. However, once asked to work it seemed as if a switch had been turned on.

As the very first retriever ever in the history of gundog work in Switzerland he achieved the title of Swiss Working Champion and also the very first International FTCh-title. Further he also passed a number of the German Gundog Tests as well as the Swiss Retriever Club Cold Game Tests C & B.

In addition to his grade 3 Red Cross Rescue and Avalanche Dog 3 awards, qualifying for the Championships no fewer than 7 times, he also passed the Search Dog Test, the Disaster Rescue Dog test as well as the Water Rescue 1 Test.

He was taken from me much too early, leaving me heartbroken: a very eager veterinarian made a very bad mistake while performing an operation (she had pushed the probe into the lung instead of the stomach). I had to watch helplessly, how he died a few hours later.