Haredale Phoenix

(IntFTCh Conneywarren Spike x Haredale Little Dart)
Breeder Verena Ommerli (CH)
Owner Verena Ommerli - Owner & Handler to January 2012
Andy Blockus, Borken (D), Working Gundogs - since January 2012
Health results HD A/A, ED 1/0, Shoulder-OCD free, CNM clear, EIC N/N (clear)
Eyes clear 21.09.10, prcd-PRA clear
Conformation very good
Temperament test passed
Major results • 2009 Field Trial 'French style' 3x 1st excellent CACT (F)

Phoenix is an extremely kind and loveable dog (cf. various photos in his gallery). At the temperament test on 13th September 09 I was asked by a woman who was handling a rather hectic, stressed bitch in the show ring, how old my dog might be to be so "cool"; she could hardly believe when I told her his age.

On walks he usually runs ahead at race-horse speed, as he has an incredible desire to move; however, he keeps coming back at the same speed to make sure that I am still there!

When it comes to working, he is absolutely "steady", no matter as to whether we do dummy work or work on cold game or out shooting. His particular features are his excellent marking ability (like his dam, Haredale Little Dart and his grand dam, Blagroves Bramble), coupled with the beautiful "style", "tail action", and "hunting ability", as well as his toughness on all sorts ground and cover (be it brambles, thistles, nettles or other cover – he simply powers through), which he has inherited from his legendary sire. All these characteristics together with his extraordinary nose and his speed when working make him a highly promising dog, with which I am hoping to do well in the future.

A summary of the temperament test and the show report will be published as soon as I get the documents with Phoenix’ breeding permission from the Retriever Club of Switzerland.

Phoenix litter mates