ChTf Haredale Kanya

(A. J. Ascot vom Keien Fenn x ChTa & ChTCH Blagroves Bramble)
  21.05.2001 - 25.04.2016
Breeder Verena Ommerli (CH)
Owner Verena Ommerli - Owner & Handler to January 2012
Marion Schwaller, Biberist (CH) - since January 2012
Health results HD A/A, ED 0/0, CNM clear, EIC N/N (clear)
Eyes clear 21.09.10, prcd-PRA clear
Conformation very good
Temperament Test passed
Major results ChTf - French Field Trial Champion (French style)
Trialer à l'anglaise (France)
• 2006 Best Avalanche Dog 3 of the RCS
• 2006 Special Medal Avalanche Dog 3
• 2005 Best Avalanche Dog 1 & 2 of the RCS
• 2002 Field Trial 'French style' 1st excellent CACT, Lagesse (F)
Kanya litters

M-litter with Conneywarren Spike
O-litter with Flashmount Fall
R-litter with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle
T-litter with Carolhill Quistador
U-litter with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle


Kanya is an affectionate companion, who seeks physical contact. If necessary, she climbs on top of all the others, just to find space on the sofa with me.

She can hardly manage to move without some object or other in her mouth. She has inherited her damís excellent marking ability and is very biddable; she can be handled even at very long distances.

Initially she lacked initiative when asked to hunt; a weakness she lost completely once taken out shooting. She excels in absolute steadiness, has an excellent nose and retrieves any kind of game without the slightest hesitation.

Kanya's litter mates