Haredale Dazzle

(Drakeshead Jaunty x Bellever Bonny)
  05.04.1995 - 06.01.2009
Breeder Verena Ommerli (CH)
Health results HD A/A, ED not scored (both elbows operated for FCP & OCD at the age of 7½ months.) Dogbase (Programme for breeding value) evaluation in July 05: 85-101-105 / 87 – 101- 106 in November 08)
Eyes clear '99
Conformation very good
Major results • In 2000 he had achieved all the qualifications towards the title of French Field Trial Champion (English style). However, Béa Loetscher (handler) never applied for the registration of this title.
• 1999 European Championship in Italy: Qualification "good"
• 1998 – 2000 Field Trias (English style) in France and Italy. Best result 1st excellent CACT/CACIT (ticket towards becoming International Field Trial Champion)
• 1997 & 1998 "Best Gundog Retriever Funnyline"
• 1997 European Championship in Denmark
• Swiss Cold Game Tests C (Novice) and B (Open) with the qualifications "excellent"

On 6th January I had to go the last bit of life's way with Dazzle. I would like to thank Dr. Paul Kramers (Zurich) who supported me not just in his function as a vet, but particularly as a friend.


Dazzle worked with a lot of style and was very hard-going - however, he needed strict handling, also when it came to other males. In the house he is a loveable “teddybear” who constantly drags shoes off into the garden.

From 1997 to 2002 Dazzle lived with Béa Loetscher and was handled by her. Thank you Béa! Initially he was only supposed to run the European Championship 1997 with her, but on the way home she begged to be able to go on running him.

After Dazzle and Béa finished their working career I got him back so that he had the chance of going on long walks to keep fit as his operated elbows were getting really bad. In 2005 Dazzle underwent further surgery on one elbow and has since been enjoying his old days hobbling around as well as he can. At the time of writing (December 2008) Dazzle’s days are undoubtedly coming to an end as he finds it increasingly difficult to get up. I should like to thank Dr. Paul Kramers (owner of Dazzle’s litter sister, Dusky Dancer) for all that he has done for my Daz-Daz!

Dazzle's litter mates