Haredale Bharu

(Hunter vom Tennikerweidli x Bellever Bonny)
  25.03.1992 - 12.01.2002
Breeder Verena Ommerli (CH)
Health results HD B/B, ED 0/0
Eyes clear '01
Major results • 1996 Swiss Avalanche Rescue Dog Championship 4th place
• 1994 Winner "Best Companion Dog 1" of the Swiss Retriever Club
• Red Cross Rescue Dog 1-3
• Avalanche Rescue Dog 1-3 with Special Medal
• Winner of "Prüfung nach dem Schuss" & "Bringtreue": 2 German Cold Game Competitions
• Dänish Cold Game Test "Markproeve B"
• Field Trial 'French style' 1st excellent CACT
• Field Trial 'English style' 1st excellent CACT/CACIT

Bharu went back to three lines work and one line show. His sire, Hunter vom Tennikerweidli, was a son of my IntFTCh Haretor Wischnu, and Hunter’s dam, Nora vom Tennikerweidli, came from show lines.

«Toddling bear» as I called him, was a great personality and a wonderful dog for practical shooting. However, when it came to the combination of biddability and endurance, he lacked the last bit of “Will to Please”, which is decisive in present-day competitions following the English style.

After Bharu had either produced bad hips or bad elbows in this first litters I withdrew him from breeding. (I did not need any Dogbase figures (Breeding evaluation programme) or Breeding regulations for that!)

Among Bharu’s few progeny there are a number of good, solid working dogs, which are highly appreciated on shooting days and have passed German hunting tests with excellent results. I am thinking of the winner of the French Championship (French style), Haredale Hopeful Huckleberry (handler Walter Pfäffli) or of Haredale Hopeful Haste (handler Jörg Mente), who has done exceedingly well in blood tracking.

2006 Alfred Bumann won the Swiss Tracking Dog Championship with Faro vom Tennikerweidli, beating all the German and Belgian Shepherds. Bharu's progeny can also be found as rescue dogs, as for example Marie-Eve Buchs with Flint vom Tennikerweidli, who ran in a number of Avalanche Dog Championships, or Flipp vom Tennikerweidli, who was a member of the Swiss Team at the World Championship for Rescue Dogs in 2006.

Bharu fell victim to his exaggerated greed. On a walk after a field trial in Italy (Pisa) he devoured something poisonous and the veterinarian was too far away. Nonwithstanding all hopes he died that night. I shall never forget the vet’s words when I rang in the morning: “Mi dispiace.” (I am sorry.)

Bharu's litter mates