Dunlin von der Atterseewelle

(IntFTCh Conneywarren Spike x A Lucky Look von der Atterseewelle)
  04.02.2006 - 24.03.2015
Breeder Ursula Asböck (A)
Owner Verena Ommerli - Owner & Handler to January 2012
Andy Blockus, Borken (D), Working Gundogs - since January 2012
Health results HD A/A, ED 1/1, OCD-free, CNM clear, EIC N/N (clear)
Eyes clear 21.09.10, prcd-PRA clear
Conformation excellent
Temperament Test passed
Major results Trialer à la française & à l'anglaise (France)
• 2009 Cold Game Test B 1st excellent CACT, Lyss (CH)
• 2009 Field Trial 'English style' 1st excellent CACT & CACIT, Gattico (I)
• 2009 Field Trial 'English style' 2nd excellent RCACT, Coullons (F)
• 2008 Field Trial 'English style' 1st excellent CACT, St. Benoît-en-Woevre (F)
• 2007 Field Trial 'French style' 2nd excellent RCACT, St.Benoît-en-Woevre (F)
• 2007 Field Trial 'French style' 2nd excellent RCACT, Montenoy (F)

Dunlin is an extremely laid back dog in everyday life; he seems to have no nerves whatsoever, being aloof in every situation – a trait which he has most definitely inherited from his sire Spike. Given the chance to run free he will take off in order to let off his pent up energy, never forgetting to return now and again to check that I am still there.

In the house he is a real pet displaying no signs of being anything close to a working dog in the field.

When it comes to work it is as if a switch had been turned on and the indoor pet becomes a highly concentrated worker with all the pace, style, nose and tail-action you would wish to see, yet remaining steady at all times. His strong point is his hunting ability, which accounts for his weakness when it comes to marking. As one British judge put it: "His marking was not very good, but you could watch him hunt for ages."

It is a great pleasure to work with this hard-going dog, fearless in all cover, which – again like his sire – is so biddable that he will remain under control even when out hunting.

Dunlin’s litter mates