Dirk von Stieg

(Ch. Nattens Akilles x Binja von Stieg)
  04.06.1975 – 04.1990
Breeder ---
Health results HD 0/0
Major results • 1986 Cold Game Test B 2nd RCACT
• 1984 Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship 3rd place
• 1983 Best Labrador Utility Dog Centenary of the SKG
• 1978 1st excellent CAC/CACIB
• Special Medals in Red Cross Rescue, Avalanche Dog Rescue & Seach Dog Work
• 11x qualified for the Swiss Championship either Red Cross or Avalanche Dog Rescue, where he came 4th on more than one occasion

Dirk was already 4 months old when I got him because his first owners did not want him any more.

It was with him that I made my first steps in dog training; in those days exclusively in the field of utility work, as gundog work for retrievers was in those days completely unknown in Switzerland.

In October 1976 we ran in our first CD-trial. In the following years a total of 104 utility dog trials followed in the fields of: CD (Companion Dog); Red Cross Rescue Dog 1-3; Avalanche Resue Dog 1-3; Search Dog; Tracking Dog; Disaster Rescue Dog and even along the lines of the very old rules some “Schutzhund 1-3”-trials.

After 1980 I started running him in gundog trials and Dirk passed some German cold game tests (run along the lines of the German gundog breed trial regulations) BLP/R, JGP/R, SpJGP/R, PnS for German Wachteldogs (Dirk was the first ever Retriever to have been entered in this trial – and he won it!), Btr, VSwP (= a blood tracking test), Totverbeller (= barking when having found the game at the end of the blood track); Swiss Cold Game Test C & B.

In those years Dirk was certainly one of the highest performing Labradors and with his 0- score hips and the CACIB in the showring in 1978 he could have been used at stud. However Dirk had the occasional epileptic fit, wherefore I never used him. Further it became known that he came from a line of muscular myopathy. A half-brother and cousin, Eustache v. Stieg was a proven carrier.