Conneywarren Tess

(FTCh/Ir.FTCh Tasco Dan x Glenbriar Sally of Conneywarren)
  13.02.1995 – 14.04.2001
Breeder Charly Nichols (GB)
Health results HD B/B, ED 0/0, Eyes clear '00
Major results • 2001 Field Trial 'English style' 2nd, Orvieto (I)
• 1999 European Championship in Italy: Qualification 'good'
• 1999 Field Trial 'English style' 1st excellent CACT
Tess's litters

H-litter with Haredale Bharu
I-litter with Conneywarren Spike
J-litter with Conneywarren Spike


I bought Tess as an adult from Charlie Nichols and although she too had only lived in the kennel she had no trouble adapting to her new style of life living indoors and sleeping on soft bedding.

Tess was a fine bitch that loved all human beings. She showed great independence when out hunting and could show signs of ignoring the whistle, however, close to the handler she tended to be rather sensitive.

Like so many other dogs from pure working lines, Tess could be handled by anybody – just as long as she was allowed to work!

She did her Swiss Cold Game Tests C & B as well as some working tests with me as a handler. 1999 she ran in the IWT, handled by Pierre-Yves Loetscher; in the same year she ran in the Swiss Team at the European Championship obtaining the qualification “good”, handled by Gilbert Sonnay who had already won 1st excellent CACT with her in France.

On April 13th 2001 she came 2nd at a Field Trial in Orvieto (Italy), handled by Regula Weissmüller. On the way home we (Anja Möller, Regula Weissmüller and myself) took a break and gave the dogs a run alongside a lake in the Tuscany.

About an hour later Tess broke down: she died in my arms on the table at a vet we had finally found. Her greed had killed her for she had eaten something poisonous.

Tess produced excellent workers in every one of the three litters she had. Hardale Inch (Top Dog IWT 2004), Haredale Ivyglen Tessa (French FTCh. French and English style as well as winner of the French Retriever Championship 2001 (French style)), Haredale Hopeful Huckleberry (Winner of the French Retriever Championship 2002 (French style)), Haredale Hopeful Haste (passed all the German Gundog tests with excellent qualifications). Further Haredale Jess (member of the Swiss Team at the European Championship 2005) and Haredale Joshua.