Haredale Kennel Name (Affix)

Haretor is the name of one of the many Tors (blocks of granite on Dartmoor, in the West of England).

GŁndisau Bearing in mind June Crowden's Haretor affix, and also because I was at the time living in Gündisau, a village in a small valley where there were still quite a lot of hares, I chose the affix HAREDALE.

Beginning and Development of the Kennel

As I already had a dog, I looked for a bitch from suitable lines and found Kamala Femfen, a daughter of Tony Parnell's lovely dog, FTCh Feargal of Blackharn. Unfortunately, my breeding plans were shattered when I found out that Kamala had both severe HD and HC (incidentally the HC had disappeared when I had her re-examined at the age of 8 years!)

The search went on till I found Bellever Becky "Peggy", from the lines I'd been looking for.

1991 the A-litter was born, with "Peggy" as the mother. In the meantime I had also imported her litter sister Bellever Bonny from England. I had to decide which bitch to keep and gave "Peggy" to Florence Keller, Kennel Tennikerweidli.

1992-1996 Bonny's B- to F-litters were born. I had, however, not kept a bitch from the first litters, and in the E- and F-litter there were only dogs... Thus I began from scratch and, with the help of Rupert Blagroves Bramble who produced 3 litter with some very sound, honest and realiable offspring.

I hope to continue these sound lines with their lovely temperament with Kanya and Little Dart.

In 1997 I saw a litter of 10-day-old puppies at the Nichols' Conneywarren kennels: I fell in love with one of those tiny dark yellow "lumps" and tried to be sensible... a few weeks later I flew to England and picked up Spike- my heart had won!

With the birth of the M-litter, a combination of the Bramble x Spike-lines, on June 20th 2004, a long-standing wish was fulfilled - however, my own puppy, Milton, died of Leptospirosis; he was only 13 weeks old...