About the Breeder Haredale

As far back as I can remember dogs have always played a role in my life: First there was the white English Bullterrier, Winston, who walked beside my pram in my earliest childhood years; then the unforgotten playmate, Dwin, a Kerry Blue Terrier bitch belonging to a friend, not to forget the innumerable half-wild, and half-starved street dogs, or “Junglydogs” as we called them, in Chittagong (Bangla Desh), which rummaged through the litter and devoured any morsel of food offered.

Of course there were Labrador Retrievers - as was to be expected in a former British colony, where I spent my childhood years. I remember Mr Cars, whose appearance very much recalled Churchill, with his two no less impressive, yellow Labradors.

Therefore this breed was by no means unknown to me when I got my first Labrador in 1975.

Back in Switzerland from 1967 to 1975 there were various neighbours’ dogs I would take for walks, and with which I already made attempts at dog training: from the brown Poodle to the Poodle-Appenzell-Cattle Dog to the Appenzell Cattle Dog-Bernese Mountain Dog and further cross bred dogs I borrowed any dog available to be able to roam the woods and fields. While other teenagers went to discos, I preferred being alone in nature accompanied by a dog.

View from the home of the Haredales
Wohnanlage des HaredalesNow the daily walks with my pack are a welcome change from my demanding full-time job as an English teacher at a grammar school. What is there more beautiful than well-muscled, fit Labradors powerfully running up a mountainside, dashing at full speed through freshly fallen snow, or galloping across wide, open spaces simply for the love of moving?

My dogs are not merely “working animals”, but my hiking- and skitour-chums; they live in the house with me and accompany me everywhere. There are weeks when I do not work them, but only take them for walks, because they too need time off now and again - and success does not depend

Because I love my dogs, I do not sell any puppies to live purely in a kennel; I do not sell any puppies as “working machines”; I do not sell to people who think that because they have bought a “Ferrari” they are a Michael Schumacher!

I sell my puppies to people who are looking for a companion that will also work to a top level of competition; people who are prepared to understand their highly biddable, willing, intelligent Labrador; to people who are able to recognize the needs of their individual dog, people who are not simply trainers working to a hard and fast system to which the dog would have to conform.