Haredale Breeding Aims

Temperament, soundness and working ability constitute my prime aims.

Alongside my teaching job I cannot and do not want to raise more than one or two litters a year, and I sell my puppies solely to people who are looking for an everyday companion and a working dog.

Haredale Labradors work as Rescue Dogs (Red Cross Dog, Area Search and Rescue Dog, Avalanche Rescue Dog, and so on), as well as Gundogs in every field of gundog work.

Thanks to the feedback regarding temperament and working ability as well as the readiness of Haredale owners to x-ray their dogs for HD, ED and shoulder OCD (some also do the eyes), I have more or less complete results of all the litters to date.

The above cannot be taken for granted and I can only emphasize time and again, how much I thank all Haredale owners for their immense support!

End of 2008 - 17 years breeding