ChTa & ChTCH Blagroves Bramble

(Bellever Actor x Haretor Willow)
  09.04.1994 - 21.04.2007
Breeder ---
Health results HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD-free
Eyes clear 09.06, prcd-PRA clear
Conformation very good
Temperament Test passed
Major results ChTa - French Field Trial Champion 'English style'
ChTCH - Swiss Working Champion
• 2001 Swiss Retriever Club Red-Cross Rescue Championship 2nd place
• 2001 Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship 4th place
• 1999 Cold Game Test B in S-chanf: 1st excellent CACT
• 1999 Best Gundog Retriever
• 1998 Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship 2nd place
• 1998 Winner Swiss Retriever Championship - Cold Game Test B 1st excellent CACT
• 1998 Field Trial (F) 1st excellent CACT/CACIT
• 1998 Avalanche Rescue Dog 3 - Special Medal
• 1997 & 1998 Best Utility Dog of the Swiss Retriever Club
• 1997 International Working Test in Vöcklabruck (A): 8th place individual
Bramble's litters

G-litter with Mallowdale King
K-litter with A. J. Ascot vom Keien Fenn
L-litter with Mallowdale Oscar


On 21st April 2007 I had to say the final “Goodbye” to my beloved Bramble. In October 2006 a tumour of the lung had been diagnosed and I was told by every vet consulted that her coughing was due to this tumour – even the oncologist I contacted. Nobody was interested in finding out what kind of tumour it was.

At the beginning of March 2007 she broke down and it was perceived – much too late – that the cause for the coughing had been a ruptured ulcer. She had been treated with cortisone for six months when she should have been on antibiotics.

As long as Bramble wanted to fight I fought with her - on the 21st of April I had to let her go. I am devastated to have lost such a special bitch in such a manner.

Bramble was a very happy, bold workaholic; she was quiet in the house and very active outside – but first and foremost of all – she was the most affectionate dog imaginable. A trait which has fortunately been passed on to her children!

Although I am very sad to have lost Bramble, I am happy and proud to have had this very special bitch and would like to thank Rupert Hill, who helped me get her, as well as Dr. Paul Kramers, who “restored” her to me after her terrible accident as a 7 month-old.