Haredale's archive news 2011


Photos of Star, Callan's dam

U-litter photogallery
New photo of Cayenne.


In Memory: In 2010 some of us had to say goodbye to their dogs. Like you I am very sad about these losses, yet would like to thank you all for having given your dogs a wonderful, active life.  

Haredale Candra  (06.01.1994 - 04.06.2010)
At the age of 16 years and 5 months Candra was simply too weak to go on living.
Candra and Fritz spent many happy years working together.

Haredale Grishu (11.07.1998 - 20.09.2010) 
For inexplicable reasons Grishu had dislocated two discs in his neck, and an operation would not even have been possible in a young dog.
Manuela was denied the opportunity of enjoying her "Grishi" to a really old age.

Haredale Gale (11.07.1998 - 26.12.2010)
Ursula Schöppl writes that Gale (Dunlin's grandmother) was picking up all the autumn 2010, and also successfully completed a large number of searches on wounded deer. In the night of the 26th December Gale quite simply fell asleep without ever having shown any signs of any health problems throughout her whole life.

Haredale Hopeful Huckleberry (14.07.1998 - Summer 2010)

I learnt this news from a third party on the occasion of a test on 9th January 2011. A pity the owners didn't tell me themselves.

Our dogs accompany us only such a short way of our lives, then we have to let them go...


... and the Avalanche Rescue Dog Trial Season 2011 has also started:

On Saturday, 15th January, some Haredale Teams had a run in Davos-Pischa:

Class Avalanche grade 1

2nd place with 274 points "very good"* - Veronika Schwarz with Haredale Taru

Class Avalanche grade 3 (top grade)

2nd place with 283 points "very good"* - Verena Ommerli with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle
3rd place with 282 points "very good"* - Ursula Müller-Reich with Haredale Midge
4th place with 281 points "very good"* -  Fränzi Walser with Haredale Meadowlark
6th place with 278 points "very good"* -  Brigitte Kaiser with Haredale Nandin

On Sunday, 16th January,

Class Avalanche grade 2

3rd place with 273 points "very good"* - Lilo Fracheboud with Haredale Questing Skip

* means the team qualified with a "mention", i.e. at least 70% of the points in every part of the trial

Congratulations on a wonderful start into the season - hope all of you continue to go strong!


22.01.11 Tracking Dog Trial organized by the Hundesportverein Koppigen

Barbara Banholzer and Haredale Questing Jools run in class FH 97 1 (Tracking dog grade 1) and come 1st with 95 points and the qualification "very good". What a super result: well-done the two of you!


22nd January 2011
French Field Trial Championship - French style

3rd place with the qualification "excellent": Andy Blockus with Haredale Reelan.

Super job, the two of you! (Most of all if you know that the first and second place went to two well-known French professionals!)


New photos of Questing Hunter and Tarn.


6th February 2011 - Tracking Dog Trial of KV Münsingen

Class TD 1 (8 competing, 2 qualified)

1st, 92 points "very good" - Res Krebs and Haredale New Nando

Class TD 2 (4 competing, 1 qualified)

1st, 88 points "good" - Barbara Banholzer and Haredale Questing Jools

Super job!


Results from Avalanche Dog Trials - the few so far that were not cancelled due to not enough snow...

Saturday, 22nd January - SKG a l'En - Muottas Muragl

Class Avalanche Dog 1
Veronika Schwarz with Haredale Taru: 1st place with 261 good*

Class Avalanche Dog 3
Verena Ommerli with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle: 2nd place with 280 very good*

Sunday, 23rd January - SKG a l'En - Muottas Muragl

Class Avalanche Dog 1
Lisbeth Birchler with Haredale Patya: 253 good* (only competitor in this class)

Class Avalanche Dog 2
Didier Rüegg with Haredale Questing Beaver: 2nd place 268 good*

Class Avalanche Dog 3
Franziska Walser with Haredale Meadowlark: 1st place 280 very good*
Brigitte Kaiser with Haredale Nandin: 3rd place with 276 very good*
André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart: 4th place with 274 very good*

Samstag, 5th February - Tra da Nüm

Class Avalanche Dog 1
Lisbeth Birchler with Haredale Patya: 1st place 255 good*

Class Avalanche Dog 3
André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart: 1st place 290 excellent*
Didier Rüegg with Haredale Questing Beaver: 5th place 224 good

Congratulations on the achievements!

We hope there will be some more snow so that we will be able to run in the odd avalanche dog trial. 

So far the following Haredale Teams have qualified to run in the Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship on 26th/27th March:
André Bühler with  Little Dart (Winner 2010)
Franziska Walser with Meadowlark
Ursula Müller-Reich with Midge
Brigitte Kaiser with Nandin
Verena Ommerli with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle

Avalanche dog work in February 2011 - Haredale Tarn & Haredale Taru


New photos of Patya, Tarn, Orenda & Crest.


Late news: on 23rd January 2011

Cathérine Rüegg and Haredale Timber obtain a maximum of 16 out of 16 points in the Dog-Ownership Certificate Test of the SKG held by the KV-Lucerne.  Judge's comment: a super team! Well-done the two of you!


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Unbelievable Lundy  & Unbelievable Cayenne.


Q-litter photogallery
New photos of Questing Skip doing avalanche dog work.


6th March 2011 - Red Cross Rescue Dog Competition - KV-Säli Olten

Barbara Banholzer and Haredale Questing Jools finish in 6th place with 273 points and the qualification "very good", in their first grade 3 (= top grade) competition.  Congratulations!


13th March 2011 - Tracking Dog Trial - Dressurverein Basel

In Tracking Dog Grade 2 Barbara Banholzer and Haredale Questing Jools win the class with a superb result of 96 points "excellent"!
Res Krebs and Haredale New Nando get 65 points in the same class, which meant 2nd place.


T-litter photogallery
New photo of Tawin.


26th/27th March 2011 - Swiss All Breed Avalanche Dog Championship

The 25 best teams of Switzerland qualify for this major event:  4 Malinois, 2 Giant Schnauzers, 3 Border Collies, 1 Australian Shepherd, 1 Groenendael,  1 Crossbred, 1 Golden Retriever und 12 Labrador Retrievers - among them

André Bühler and Haredale Little Dart (Championship Winner 2010)
Sandra Klee and Haredale Masha (3rd place 2010)
Franziska Walser and Haredale Meadowlark
Ursula Müller-Reich and Haredale Midge
Brigitte Kaiser and Haredale Nandin
Didier Rüegg and Haredale Questing Beaver

and Verena Ommerli and Dunlin von der Atterseewelle

I wish all of you lots of luck for your run on Saturday or Sunday!


26./27. 03.2011 Swiss All-Breed Avalanche Dog Championship on the Engstligenalp near Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland

Thank you very much to the organizing committee for the perfect organization. The weather was - unfortunately - not in their hands, otherwise it would have been the same on both days! However, it is an outdoor event and we simply have to play the game.

On Saturday the weather was pretty bad, which led to only one single team qualifying out of the 14 running on that day. After having waited to get my run from 11.30 in the morning until 3.30 p.m. in the afternoon I was told that I would be running as the first competitor on Sunday morning. My nerves played up very badly and yet I had to be happy that my reliable Dunlin started the day locating the two persons!

Winner and Champion 2011
my sister, Susy Ommerli mit Manya vom Diemberg (Giant Schnauzer) 288 points, excellent

2nd place: Brigitte Kaiser with Haredale Nandin 276 points, very good

3rd place:  André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart 275 points, very good
 (last year's winner and Nandin's dam!)

4th place:  Verena Ommerli with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle 269 points good
(better large area search leads to higher ranking)

5th place: Didier Rüegg with Haredale Questing Beaver 269 points  good

Mother and son in the awards is simply awesome!

Once again CONGRATULATIONS to all of you on the wonderful results!
As for the "weather victims" let me say: the next winter is sure to come and who knows... Thus: keep going and enjoy your dogs!


12th March 2011 - Dummy Trial Fara in Sabina (I)
In Open class Tanja Grygar and Haredale Questing Quip come 4th with the qualification "very good".

26th March 2011 - Team Working Test in Borghetto (I)
Tanja Grygar and Haredale Spark and their team come 4th in Beginners/Novice class. In the individual ranking, Spark achieves 70 out of 70 points!

Super - carry on like this!


Haredale Photogallery
Photos of Swiss Championship for Avalanche Dogs 2011.


3rd  April 2011 Utility Dog Trial - KV-Untertoggenburg

Ruth Clarke and Haredale Remic are placed 4th out of 12 dogs in Companion Dog 1 class, obtaining 276 points and the qualification "very good".
Congratulations to the two of you!

3rd April 2011 Obedience Trial

Jackie Muriset and Haredale Teak take part in their very first competition. In a field of 17 competitors in Beginners Class they obtain the qualification "exc" and 285.5 points (out of 320) and are placed 1st.
What a wonderful feat!

Results of the Working Test in Meienried of 26th/27th March 2011

 Novice (29 competitors - 19 qualified)
Cornelia Thoma and Haredale Rowan qualify with 89 points and the qualification "good", which gets them place 13.
Congratulations to both of you!

Open (18 competitors - 10 qualified)

Lis Eggenberger and Haredale Panya qualify with 77 points.
Lisbeth Birchler and Haredale Patya got full points in their first exercise; however, unfortunately their luck left them afterwards and they had to accept two zeros - thus they were out!

Congratulations to the P like Power-Handlers on their remarkable stamina when handling these impressive but rather strenuous "Ferraris"!


Haredale Tarn has qualified for breeding having passed all the tests required by the Swiss Retriever Club. She got 99 out of 99 points in the temperament test and was awarded the qualification "very good" for her conformation.
I am happy to have yet another daughter of Kanya's to breed from in the future.

Planned Litter

After having tried unsuccessfully to mate Haredale Orenda to Haredale Phoenix twice, in which Orenda made it quite clear that she did not want to have anything to do with her pack mate, I have decided to mate Orenda to IntFTCh Carolhill Quistador "Edge" in her coming season in summer.
Planned litter IntFTCh & ChTa Carolhill Quistado x ChTf Haredale Orenda


Tyrrellison Star Cluster - Photogallery
New photos of Callan.

T-litter photogallery
New photos of Taru.


Utility Dog Trials - RCS (Retriever Club of Switzerland) Annual Trophies 2010

Overall Top Utility Dog (4 results from the classes CD3, Red Cross Rescue 3 oder Avalanche Rescue Dog 3) (Grade 3 ist the top level) 
17 Retrievers -  7 Haredales.  5 to be found in the first 5 places.

1. Haredale Midge LA Ursula Müller-Reich BH3 96,33
2. Haredale Little Dart LA André Bühler LawH3 96,25
3. Haredale New Nando LA Andreas Krebs BH3 95,08
    Dunlin v.d. Atterseewelle LA Verena Ommerli LawH3 95,08

Class CD3 (Companion Dog 3)
6 Retrievers -  3 Haredales. They are to be found in places 1-3.

1 Haredale Midge LA Ursula Müller-Reich 281sg/289v/293v/284sg/290v 96,89
2. Haredale New Nando LA Andreas Krebs 289v/290v/271sg/291v 96,67
3. Haredale Nandin LA Brigitte Kaiser 262g/265g/283sg/283sg/282sg 94,22

Class Red Cross Rescue 1&2
7 Retrievers - 3 Haredales.

2. Haredale Questing Jools LA Barbara Banholzer SanH1: 278sg/263g/282sg/274sg ; SanH2: 278sg 93,11

Class Red Cross Rescue Dog 3 
In this class no Haredale Team ran in 3 trials.

Class Avalanche Resuce 1&2

1. Haredale Nandin LA Brigitte Kaiser LawH1: 283sg/266g ; LawH2: 281sg 93,78

Class Avalanche Resuce 3
13 Retrievers - 6 Haredales

1. Haredale Little Dart LA André Bühler 284sg/286sg/262g/287v/288v/ 292v/288v 96,44
2. Haredale Masha LA Sandra Ruggli 287v/292v/283sg 95,78
    Dunlin v.d. Atterseewelle LA Verena Ommerli 291v/289v/282sg/279sg 95,78
Enchanting Goldcrest v. Keien Fenn LA Verena Ommerli 289v/291v/282sg 95,78

Here is the complete list of all the results for 2010 compiled by the utility dog secretary ôf the Retriever Club of Switzerland.

A great big thank you to all the hardworking Haredale handlers and congratulations on your super successes


New photos of Ramses, Reelan & Questing Beaver.

New photos of Dunlin, Tarn, Kanya & Callan.


9th April - German Cup 2011

First of all a thank you to the organizers, judges and helpers - it was a great event!

The weather was kind to us, although maybe a bit too warm. The grounds in the woods were challenging, particularly for our two D-Atterseewelle "Flying missiles", my Dunlin and Marion Schwaller's Devon. They were incited to fall into "hunting mode" by the woodland grounds. What a shame for the wonderful performance our teammate, Karl-Heinz Dunker and his consistent bitch, Flycatcher Aghamora Pat, put up. Yet, we had fun and it was good to see and talk to so many people I hadn't seen for a long time.

One thing came out very clearly: sometimes a real "flyer" of a dog can be too fast...


16.04.2011 SC-OG Le Locle Tracking Dog 97

Class FH97 2
Res Krebs and Nando: 1st with the qualification "excellent" 100 points out of 100!
Barbara Banholzer and Questing Jools: 2nd with "very good" 95 points

You are incredible, the four of you!


10th April 2011 - Working Test in Lajatico (I)

In Novice class Tanja Grygar and Haredale Spark get 3rd place.



Copyright - or how to easily get pictures to illustrate your own books!

In a recently published book on the Labrador Retriever, a row of four heads is to be found on page 36. These heads are commented on in the following way by Claudia Perricone, the author:

Guardando queste teste vengono subito in mente altre razze: il bracco, il rottweiler, il segugio e nessuno di questi sguardi esprime la dolcezza tipica del Labrador.
(Looking at these heads other breeds immediately come to mind: the pointing dogs, the rottweiler, the segugio and none of them has the expression showing the typical gentleness of the Labrador.)

These pictures used in Perricone's book are to be found in Reports - Breed Standard - on this website (The first four of the row of black heads.)

As the author of this book, Claudia Perricone, has taken this row of pictures that had been chosen, worked on, and published by me and my webmaster, Tanja Grygar, without asking permission and as she has had the audacity to write such deroagtory remarks on the heads presented, I cannot but congratulate her on her vast knowledge of the breed and breed type: all these heads are the heads of Labrador Retrievers that bore the British titles of CHAMPION or SHOW CHAMPION - however from different decades...


Litters planned for this year (see Litters for more information)

Haredale Orenda should come in season in Mai-June, with the puppies to be born in August-September. However, should Orenda be ready for mating in July only, I would take the opportunity to mate her in GB, as I shall be spending some weeks across the channel as from 10th July.

Haredale Patya is supposed to be mated end May - beginning of June so that the puppies would be born around mid-August.
Lisbeth Birchler and I went to look at some stud dogs over Easter and have decided that Heike Reichelt's "Johnboy" (Birdbrook Hamlet) is to be the father of this litter. (Cf. more in "Planned litters".)

I am still not quite sure as to whether I would like Crest to have a third and last litter. However, I am considering using my young Irish dog, Callan, on her, as he does seem to have all the qualities I would be looking for. Callan should get his breeding permission by the end of June. Crest is due to come in season around mid-August, so I still have time to make up my mind. It also depends on whether my job will leave me enough time, which I shall only know at the beginning of July.


June 2011 - expected litter in France

On 20th April Phoenix mated Nathalie and Guy Matter's Dinky Toy de l'Etang de la Thiellerie (www.k9data.com) and website www.dyanalys.com. Dinky is a pure field trial line bitch that has some very renowned British and French field trial lines in her pedigree, e.g. she is a granddaughter of "Edge", Carolhill Quistador. Dinky got her breeding permission, which included the temperament test, in Switzerland before Nathalie and Guy moved to France, thus she also had her x-rays done and scored in Switzerland: HD B, ED 0, eyes clear 2010, prcd-PRA clear.

This combination is expected to produce black "Ferraris", which will hardly be a good choice for beginners!

For more information please contact me or Nathalie Matter (whose mother tongue is French, but she also speaks a little German (Guy speaks German fluently), but no English at all)  +33 (0)3 85 74 07 03


Haredale Photogallery
New photo album: Great Britain & Ireland - September-October 2010.

L-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale Loon.

Tummel photogallery
New photo of Tummel with Dunlin.


Official Scores

Callan's x-ray scores are now official: Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Shoulders & Hocks OCD-clear.

I am so happy - now he can run around as much as he wants to!

Once again a huge thank you to Tricia, the breeder, for having entrusted me with such a wonderful dog.


1st May - Red Cross Rescue Trial in Effretikon

Class SanH3 (highest level)

Barbara Banholzer and Haredale Questing Jools come 3rd with 254 good & AKZ (= passed in all three areas of the trial)

1st May - Obedience Competition

Jackie Muriset and Haredale Teak obtain the incredible total of 310 out of  320 points in Beginners Class and come 1st with the qualification "excellent". Wonderful! Carry on like this!


Friday, 13th May 2011

Callan's first eye examination went well - nonwithstanding the unlucky date :) - everything perfect. I am very relieved.


Unfortunately my new computer had a hardware defect, and even more unfortunately all the outlook data has been lost due to the fact that the people responsible did not save any data, nonwithstanding my urgent plea to do so. Thus I have lost all the outlook data including e-mail messages and contact addresses. I should therefore like to ask everybody who contacted me over the last few months to send me a short message so that I have both your enquiry and address again. Thanks a lot!


Surprise for everybody interested in the litter Orenda x Edge. Orenda has just come in season and I hope to be able to spend a few days' holiday in the Provence at the beginning of June.

Would everybody who has already shown an interest in this litter please send me a short message as I had a hardware defect on my new computer and lost all my data including all the e-mail messages received over the past weeks... Whoever got a reply from me within the past 10 days knows that I have their address - the others do please contact me again. I am so sorry about this.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Ks! Today you are 10 years old!
I am happy that this kind, sound and biddable line, which goes back to my unforgotten Bramble, is carried on in various countries in Europe through Keena, Kanya and Kerwyn's sons and daughters.
In Switzerland: Haredale (M-, O-, R-, T- & U-litter), Hostris (through Kerwyn), Weberlis Rebberg (through Minx) & Foxmead (through Gunsight's Clash)
In Austria: Atterseewelle & Ragweed's (through Haredale Minx & Felix von der Atterseewelle)
In Germany: Gunsight's (through Keena), Schwarzer Panther (through Kerwyn) & Querfeldein (through Minx)
In Sweden: Meadowlark (through Kerwyn)
In Finland: Waterfowler (through Torry)

... and I am pleased that our Ks are still so fit - hopefully they will accompany us for many years to come.


On 30th April Cindy and Tawin are placed 3rd with 192 points  in the class Companion Dog 1 in their very first competition. Congratulations.

(The maximum score in a "Mehrkampf" (only the jumping and obedience parts) is 200 points. In a "Mehrkampf" there is no nosework, which makes up the third part of the usual maximum of 300 points.


News for everybody wanting a Patya x Johnboy puppy: Patya came in season yesterday.

22.05.2011 Further interesting litters from top working lines - all the dogs' pedigrees are to be found on www.k9data.com

In Northern Ireland: litter born on  7th May. The sire is Apache Joe (Callan's sire). The dam is Just Beth. Just Beth has a number of field trial awards and her health data is excellent: hips 2/2, elbows 0/0, prcd-PRA, CNM & EIC clear, eyes clear 2009.
Contact: Declan McCoy,  44A Loughbeg Road, Toomebridge, Co Antrim, BT41 3TN, Northern Ireland.   Tel (home) 0044 - 28 79659550; Mobile 0044 - 79 12107772; e-mail: declan.mccoy@btinternet.com
All the pups of this litter are prcd-PRA, CNM & EIC clear through the parents. There are only black dogs left. The pups are ready to leave on 2nd July.

Northern Ireland - another litter:
FTW Princess Viper is in whelp to FTW Eastdale Harry (Diploma of Merit, Championship 2010). Cf. further information on www.k9data.com.
Contact: Thomas Hughes jun. 0044 - 78 40128298 oder Declan Boyle 0044 - 7590611947

Also in Northern Ireland: mated a few days ago by Apache Joe 
Tyrrellison Zodiac (IrFTCh Glenloch Ruff x Copperbirch Santa's Helper of Tyrrellison) 
Zodie's health results: HD 3/5, ED 0/0, eyes clear 2009, prcd-PRA, CNM & EIC clear
Contact: Thomas Hughes jun. 0044 - 78 40128298 or Declan Boyle 0044 - 7590611947
All the pups of this litter will be prcd-PRA, CNM & EIC clear through the parents.There will be black puppies only.

In France: Dinky Toy de l'Etang de la Thiellerie is in whelp. Sire of the litter is my "racing machine" ChTf Haredale Phoenix. Unfortunately, Nathalie Matter speaks and writes French only, as well as some German. For English speakers, please contact me if you have any queries.
The contact address is: 1245 Lieu-Dit "Les Fausses", F-71580 Frontenaud. Tel 0033 - 385741339,
E-mail: labradors@dyanalys.com. Website: www.dyanalys.com
The litter is expected around the 16th June. There will be black puppies only as Dinky is dominant black.

Lots of action expected towards the end of my summer holidays... Orenda and Patya mated!

On 1st & 2nd June Orenda was mated by Edge

On 3rd & 4th June Patya was mated by Johnboy
(This is Lisbeth's litter, which will be brought up here with my affix.)

21.05. Red Cross Rescue Dog Trial (SanH) of the GSD Training Society in Sursee
Barbara Banholzer and Questing Jools get 257 points, good AKZ  in class SanH 3  and are placed 2nd. Cogratulations!


13th June 2011 - Happy Birthday "Unbelievables" - 1 year old

... really incredible how time flies: a year ago today the Unbelievable litter was born.

I would like to thank all the U-litter owners for their regular feedback on the development of the active Us and hope that the pending health tests will prove to be as positive as the hitherto promising news on their temperament.

International Show in Pisa (I) on 11th June 2011

Tanja Grygar and Questing Quip are awarded 1st place "excellent" in Working Class. What an incredible surprise. Congratulations!

Looking for a new home

2-year-old, dark yellow Labrador dog (neutered!) is looking for a new home, where he will be worked.

Callan passed all the breeding tests required by the Swiss Retriever Club

Temperament test: 99 out of 99 points
Conformation "excellent"
Mein little Irish boy is just wonderful. Thank you Tricia for breeding such a dog. And THANK YOU to Meike and Stefan who flew him across from Ireland last summer.

26th June 2011 - Happy Birthday Power-Ps

Phoenix' Happy Birthday. Today we Ps are already 4 years old and I should also like to congratulate all my litter mates. I gave myself a very special birthday present: first I rolled happily back and forth feeling really comfortable and then I devoured the thing I'd rolled on, thoroughly enjoying it... Pardon? Oh, you want to know what it was? Well - a huge big fish. (No, Verena was not very amused with her black, running four-legged fish).


Callan's father now has his own website:Irish Trial Labradors
Great Declan and Tommy to get more information on your nice dogs!


Litters planned for 2012

Planned are two litters:
IntFTCh Enchanting Goldcrest vom Keien Fenn x FTW Newcam Gunner (pedigree see k9data.com)
Haredale Tarn x Dunlin von der Atterseewelle

Nandin, Nevis and Nando are 5 years old today: Happy Birthday!

News from Norway: Patya is in whelp. On 19th July Lisbeth will take Patya for another scan here in Switzerland in order to see how many pups there are.


14th July 2011 - Happy Birthday Hs

The H-litter Haredales are 13 years old. I very much hope that some of your "oldies" can celebrate the day together with you.

11th July 2011 - Happy Birthday Gs
The G-litter Haredales are 13 years old. Ganseh is celebrating his day in the Peak District in England (see photo) - Gannet in Norway (see photo) - Glade at home in Switzerland (see photo).
Thank you to all G-litter owners who sent me news on their "oldies". I would be very happy to have news from the others Gs as well.

9th July 2011 - Working Test "Mountain Trail"  in the Emmental (Switzerland) - Novice Class

Cornelia Thoma and Rowan are placed second  the qualification "excellent" and 116 points after a run-off Congratulations!
Ruth Clarke and Remic can unfortunately not succeed.

9th/10th July 2011 - Clauert Cup near Trebbin (D)

Puppy Class
Andy Blockus and Unbelievable Lundy get a pass in this class in Lundy's first ever run.

Novice Class
Vivian Jasmin Wolf and Special Spirit WIN a field of 60 competitors. They obtain 115 out of 120  points. What a SUPER-SUPER result! Congratulation Vivian and "Schnipsel"!
Dietrich Sewerin and Skene also obtain a nice result with 107 out of 120 Punkten. Congratulations to the two of you.

Open Class
Andy Blockus and Reeland come 3rd with 91 points. Congratulations - super job!

Summer holiday July 2011


31st July 2011 - the V-litter has arrived

Between 04.05 and 11.30 Orenda gave birth to 9 healthy pups. Orenda  proved to have the instinct and dealt with the situation without any problems. There are 1 black dog, 3 yellow dogs, 3 black bitches & 2 yellow bitches. Unfortunately there was a stop after the ninth puppy and at five in the evening the last little black bitch was born dead after a visit to the vet's.
Yet I have to be happy that Orenda and the 9 pups are absolutely fit.

V-litter photogallery
First photos of V-litter.

W-litter of 2nd August 2011
On 2nd August Patya whelped the 3 pups counted by the vet on 19th July (mating took place on 2nd June) - and without any effort a further 3 on top of these... We are happy about 2 lively boys and 4 equally fit girls.

The photo album Summer holiday July 2011 was completed.


Sad news: yesterday at 19.30 the only black dog of Orenda's V-litter was fit and active, weighing a proud 720g - and at 23.30 he lay dead in the box. Lisbeth had given Orenda something to drink during this time and we were sitting having dinner virtually beside the box with the mum and the pups...
I am a complete wreck and would ask to understand that I do not want any visitors in the coming 10 days.


W-litter photogallery
First photos of W-litter.


The pathology-report shows that the little black boy of the V-litter, which died unexpectedly last Thursday, suffered from Sepsis (caused by coli-bacteria). Our fear that another puppy from either the V- oder the W-litter may become affected remains. Lisbeth Birchler (W-litter) and I (V-liter) would therefore prefer not to have any puppy visitors before they are over 3 weeks old.


V-litter photogallery
New photos of V-litter.


Haredale Photogallery
The photo album Summer holiday July 2011 was completed.

V-litter photogallery
New photos of V-litter.

Tyrrellison Star Cluster - Photogallery
New photos of Callan and his mother Star in July 2011.


W-litter photogallery
New photos of W-litter.


20th & 21st August 2011 - Working Tests and Cold Game Tests in S-chanf

In 1976 I ran my first Labrador, Dirk von Stieg in his first test - since then I have run more than 15 Labradors in over 300 tests and trials (of which a number of championships!) - but this weekend will most definitely remain a crucial experience, due to the following statement by one of the British judges:  "It doesn't matter, what the dog does, what counts is, what I write in my book." To make such a statement is one thing, to judge accordingly another... On the one hand on Saturday a mix up of numbers led to a 0 for the wrong competitor, on the other hand (as a compensation) a 0 was later changed into 15 points.

V-litter & W-litter photogallery
New photos of V-litter & W-litter.


V-litter & W-litter photogallery
New photos of V-litter & W-litter.


Puppies out of Orenda x Edge to be sold.

Due to the high Swiss franc compared to the € and the corresponding fairly high price for a puppy, I have had various cancellations from German puppy buyers. Thus some puppies from the Orenda-litter are for sale again.

V-litter & W-litter photogallery
New photos of V-litter & W-litter.


X-ray scores

Unbelievable Avon has been scored with  HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD-free and Lumbosacral vertrebrae Type 0. I am as happy as the owner Antje Gunzinger...

and some more good news: Corrcastle Jay, the little bitch I looked for and found during my autumn holidays 2010 for Didier Rüegg and Nicole Reichenbach has equally as good scores. Thus giving up part of my holiday seems to have been worthwhile.

After all but two pups of the V- and W-litters had left the house I took some days off to travel around at the beginning of October - now, however I have ended up being stuck at home. Stuck, because my car has a wrecked engine and my little boy Callan has been in the Veterinary Clinic in Bern since Friday night where he is being treated for Babesiosis (a serious infection caused by a certain type of tick that occurs in the Alsace where we do some picking up). I am hoping to get him back home any day now as he is a lot better.
The positive side to the story is that I now have time to update my homepage.


Swiss Police Dog Championship Winner for Drug Sniffing

Thomas Amrein and Haredale Oraya win the Swiss Police Dog Championship for Drug Sniffing. Obtaining 294 out of 300 points they head a field of teams from all over Switzerland. Congratulations to the two of you for your SUPER WORK!
Now Thomas and Oraya are off to enjoy their well-deserved holiday pheasant shooting on the Hungarian border!

Barbara Banholzer and Questing Jools obtained the following results in their last two Red Cross Rescue Dog 3 trials:

16.10.  Hundesportverein Wolfwil  SanH 3   1st with Very Good AKZ 284 points.
17.09.  KV Langenthal                 SanH3     4th with Very Good AKZ 272 points.  

Congratulations and lots of luck at the Swiss Championships!


Unfortunately it is not all good news:

On 27th September Fränzi Walser had to say goodbye to her Gannet. In the summer holidays in Norway he was in a very fit and healthy condition, celebrating his 13th birthday (see photo on this page). Fränzi and Gannet took part in a large number of competitions, mostly in Red Cross Rescue and Avalanche Dog Rescue, where they ran in championships a number of times even gaining a second place. They were a special team and I can understand what a void his death leaves, an emptiness the small hurricane Wild Eagle will not be able to fill.

Callan is back home again. Hopefully he will be his old "racing" self again in a few weeks!
Thank you to all the staff at the Veterinary Clinic in Bern.


Kane Kurth is no more

On 19th October Milos Miodragovic had to say a final goodbye to his Kurth. The two of them competed in a large number of red cross rescue dog trials even coming 3rd at the Swiss all-breed championship in 2006. I feel very sad about your losing such a kind companion so early.

Jackie Muriset and Haredale Teak ran in three Obedience Trials in Beginners Class gaining excellent results: 

Hundesport Kiesen  on 3.4.11  excellent   AKZ   285.5 points 1st place
KV Bäderstatt         on 1.5.11   excellent    AKZ   310    points 1st place
Hundesport Kiesen  on 7.8.11   excellent   AKZ  318.5  points 1st place
Wonderful! Congratulations to your super work!

New photos of Roisin, Unbelievable Cayenne, Unbelievable Barley & Wenka.

Tyrrellison Star Cluster - Photogallery
New photos of Callan.

Haredale Photogallery
New photo album: France & Great Britain October 2011.


First half 2012 - Irish stud dogs on the continent!

Possibly two Irish stud dogs from excellent working bloodlines and with  best health results will be available at stud on the continent from January to July 2012.

They are on the one hand Open FTWinner Newcam Gunner "Guiness" (see my breeding plans with Crest!) and on the other hand the young dog Chief Lightning Bolt.

You can find more information on the owner's, Declan Boyle's, website: www.irishtriallinglabradors.co.uk

Whoever would like more information please contact me.


On 24th November Brigitte Clinton had to let her beloved Ivyglen Tessa go. Brigitte and Tessa took part in a large number of working tests and field trials, gaining the French FTCh titles à la française and à l'anglaise. Furthermore Tessa gave Brigitte a litter with the kennel affix Glenoak. I know how much Brigitte misses Tessa and feel sorry that she could not enjoy the company of the old girl a lot longer.


Northern Ireland - Yellow Labrador puppies with interesting pedigree

In Northern Ireland there is at the moment a litter of yellow lab pups by FTCh Eastdale Harry x IntFTCh Terminane Aisling of Shimnaval. Whoever might be interested in this very special litter, would please contact me or the breeder personally, Richard Johnston, http://shimnavalegundogs.wordpress.com

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