Haredale's archive news 2010


02. Januar 2010 - Prüfungsresultate von "älteren Herren"

In 2009 Outi Zuberbühler and Haredale Irish Flint obtained the qualification "excellent" AKZ three times in succession in Search Dog thus qualifying for the Special Medal. What a worthy termination of a wonderful working career! Congratulations to the two of you!

After not passing their second run in a tracking dog trial (due to unfortunate weather conditions) Veronika Schwarz and Haredale Ganesh were successful today, gaining 93 points and the qualification "very good" in TD97 class 1. Well-done - what fun for the old boy!


S-litter photogallery
New photo of Spice.


Wednesday, 6th January 2010 - Happy Birthday Candra!

Today Haredale Candra celebrates her 16th birthday. Marlene Sonderegger writes: "... of course she is still enjoying her old age, slow, unhurried, reading the "newspaper", eating everything - today nearly a live mouse; only just managed to stop her - she is very well..."

I do hope for Marlene and Fritz that Candra may be with them for a while longer. 

Sunday, 3rd January 2010 - Field Trial (French Style) in Magliano Sabina (Rome)

Tanja Grygar and Haredale Questing Quip come 4th with the qualification "excellent". Congratulations!


News: Dunlin offspring

I have just received another official score of a puppy from Dunlin's litter with Offlead Mocush in Italy. The bitch, Shegrowing Kalipso, has A/A hips and  0/0 elbows. A big thank you to the owner, Michele Isaja, for having sent me this information. Further, congratulations to the 1st place in puppy class in a working test!


T-litter photogallery
Photos of Flashmount Socrates added.

S-litter photogallery
New photos of Snipe and new photo of Denes Boy Dan of Tudorcourt 'Josh' .


S-litter photogallery
Birthday pictures

T-litter photogallery
New photos of Torry 'Dude'.


16th January 2010 Avalanche Rescue Dog Trial in  Davos

Brigitte Kaiser and Haredale Nandin compete in their first ever Avalanche Rescue Dog Trial - Grade 1 (LawH1) and end up in 3rd place with 280 points and the qualification "very good" AKZ. Congratulations!

Goodbye to the father of the Questing litter

On 15th January Iben and Thomas (Batmoor's) had to part with Fastlane Chuck of Buttsend. I am sorry to hear this sad news, but happy to have bred the Questing litter.

S-litter photogallery

Birthday pictures: photos of Sprig and Spark added.


20th January 2010

The first scores of the S-litter are back. My Spice-girl has been scored with A/A hips, 0/0 elbows and the shoulder OCD-free. I am, of course, very happy with this result and hope that further dogs of this litter look as good as this.

17th January 2010 Avalanche Rescue Dog Trial in  Davos

Franziska Walser and Haredale Meadowlark come 2nd  in Avalanche 3 (top grade) gaining 279 points and the qualification "very good" AKZ. Congratulations to getting the first qualification result for the Avalanche Dog Championship!


Congratulations: Tarn is proud of her father...

Bruno Julien and Carolhill Quistador "Edge" come 3rd with the qualification "excellent" at the French Championship on 16. / 17. January.

19th January 2010

Eye examination - Questing Quip and Spark - everything ok.


24th January 2010 - Happy Birthday Crest

On Sunday my whizzy little Crest had her 7th birthday, which she was able to celebrate by doing avalanche dog training ...  (see picture on the right)

... and another result from her offspring:
Haredale Shian's scores: HD A/A, ED 0/0, shoulders OCD-free.

I am very happy about the second official result of the S-litter.

23. & 24. Januar 2010 Avalanche Rescue Dog Trial Muottas Muragl

André Bühler and Haredale Little Dart come 2nd in Avalanche 3 with 284 points and the qualification "very good" AKZ.
Congratulations to a promising beginning of the season! 

On Saturday, Franziska Walser and Haredale Meadowlark end up 5th with 276 points and the qualification "very good" AKZ.
This result should be sufficient for the team to be qualified for the Swiss championships for all breeds. Congratulations!

Unfortunately some further Haredale-handlers have not yet sent their results of the weekend.


S-litter photogallery
New photos of Skene.


Litters planned for spring 2010

I am planning two litters:

1) ChTf Haredale Kanya x IntFTCh Enjoy des Quatre Cyprès

2) Trf/Tra Haredale Orenda x Trf Haredale Phoenix

More details can be found unter Litters/Planned Litters.

Haredale Kanya - Photogallery
Kanya doing avalanche dog work


7th February - Avalanche Dog Trial "Lutertanne" in the Toggenburg

Avalanche Dog 3
2nd with 289 excellent AKZ: Enchanting Goldcrest vom Keien Fenn. After Cresty had a "baby-break" during the last avalanche dog season, she proved that she still knows what to do.

4th with 281 very good AKZ: Haredale Midge with Ursula Müller-Reich.

Well done, the two of you!
Thus a further Haredale Team is qualified for the Swiss avalanche dog championship.

Haredale Little Dart and André Bühler couldn't pass, bacause Dart ran straight over the rucksack buried on the first line of the fine-search.

Haredale Masha sprained her carpal joint and wasn't concentrated on the job any more. The team, Sandra Ruggli-Klee and Masha couldn't get a pass.

6th February  - Avalanche Dog Trial "Tra da Nüm" in Bosco Gurin

Avalanche Dog 2
1st with  295 excellent AKZ: Dunlin von der Atterseewelle. My Dunny-Bear beat himself gaining such a high number of points that I would never have dreamt of!

Avalanche Dog 3
1st 286 excellent AKZ: Haredale Little Dart with André Bühler.

Congratulations for a very consistent performance of this team!


S-litter photogallery
Spark in Switzerland on 10.02.10.


12th February 2010

Pleasing Eye Examination results

Haredale Sprig - PRA, HC, RD-clear on 03.02.10
Haredale Sanna - PRA, HC, RD-clear on 10.02.10
Haredale Questing Beaver -  PRA, HC, RD-clear on 10.02.10

S-litter x-rays

We now have most of the S-litter dogs' x-rays and a majority of good results, which I am equally as pleased with as the owners:

Shian - Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Shoulders OCD-free
Spice - Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Shoulders OCD-free
Special Spirit - Hips A2, Elbows 0/0
Snowflash (no official result yet) Hips A, Elbows 0, Shoulders OCD-free
Skene (no official result yet) Hips A, Elbows 0, Shoulders OCD-free
Sprig (no official result yet)  Hips A, Elbows 0
Sanna (no official result yet)  Hips A, Elbows 0
Snipe - unfortunately the machine gave up during the process of x-raying - "long live South Africa"
Spark (no official result yet) poor hips, Elbows 0


13th February 2010 - Avalanche Dog Trial in Bisisthal (SZ)

In 1979 I competed in the very first avalanche dog trial in my life, here in this remote valley - together with my first Labrador, Dirk, I won the trial. Yesterday I ran Dunlin in his first top level (Av3) trial - and we won, gaining an incredible number of points. And this, although Dunlin ripped off part of a claw making the root protrude when digging powerfully to get the rucksack out (it is buried 50cm deep in the snow) in the so-called "fine-search", where a dog has to quarter for 10 minutes in order to cover the 50x50m area systematically as required in the regulations.

Avalanche Dog 3 (Av3) = Higest level

1st 291 excellent AKZ Dunlin von der Atterseewelle
4th 287 excellent AKZ Haredale Masha with Sandra Ruggli-Klee
10th 263 good AKZ Haredale Midge with Ursula Müller-Reich
11th 262 good AKZ Haredale Little Dart with André Bühler

Congratulations to everyone - we "old avalanchers" know how quickly time runs and the points drop!

AKZ = Ausbildungskennzeichen = the dog has qualified, i.e. passed


Retriever Club of Switzerland - Trophies for Utility Dog Trials 2009

The RCS offer annual trophies to the best retriever of the year in the various classes of utility dog work according to the rules and regulations of the SKG (= Swiss Kennel Club).

I should like to congratulate all the handlers on their wonderful successes and wish everyone a lot of pleasure when working with your Haredales in 2010.

Utility Dog of the Year (best team of classes CD3, Red Cross Rescue 3 & Av3 - average of 4 best results)

Winner    Haredale Little Dart and André Bühler
2nd          Haredale New Nando and Res Krebs
4th           Haredale Masha and Sandra Ruggli-Klee
5th           Haredale Meadowlark and Franziska Walser
16th         Haredale Mersey and Antje Gunzinger

In all the other classes the average of the 3 best results counts.

Class CD1

2nd     Haredale Questing Jools and Barbara Banholzer
3rd     Haredale Rowan and Cornelia Thoma

Class CD2

Winner     Haredale Questing Jools and Barbara Banholzer

Class CD3

2nd    Haredale New Nando and Res Krebs
3rd    Haredale Midge and Ursula Müller-Reich
7th    Haredale Mersey and Antje Gunzinger

Class Red Cross Rescue 3

3rd     Haredale Masha and Sandra Ruggli-Klee
5th      Haredale Meadowlark and Franziska Walser

Class Avalanche Rescue 1&2 (Av1&2)

Winner    Dunlin von der Atterseewelle and Verena Ommerli

Class Avalanche Rescue 3  (Av3)

Winner    Haredale Little Dart and André Bühler
2nd           Haredale Masha and Sandra Ruggli-Klee
3rd            Haredale Meadowlark and Franziska Walser
6th            Haredale Midge and Ursula Müller-Reich

Trophies are awarded in 9 different categories, and Haredales are to be found in 7 of these, of which 4x winner, 4x a 2nd place, and 4x a 3rd place...

I am very, very proud of all of you!   


R-litter photogallery
Ramses in avalanche dog work


Haredale Patya - Photogallery
Patya in avalanche dog work


Health results

Sanna     HD A/A, ED 0/0
Patya     CNM: N/N; EIC: N/N
Ramses  EIC: N/N; CNM clear (by parentage)
Spirit      RD/OSD: clear/clear; HMLR: N/N; EIC: N/N; Narcolepsy: N/N

I am as pleased as the owners with these results.


20th /21st February 2010 - Field Trial (alla francese) in Cressa (I)

Haredale Questing Quip and Tanja Grygar get the qualification "excellent" on Saturday and on Sunday 4th "very good".

Congratulations on a lovely end of the season!

21st February - Avalanche Dog Trials - SKBS OG-Graubünden in Splügen

Class Avalanche Dog 3

1st with 292 excellent AKZ,  Haredale Masha and Sandra Ruggli-Klee.
3rd with 286 excellent AKZ,  Haredale Gambolling Gopi and Paul Kramers.

What super results for Masha and Gopi - the 11 1/2 year "old girl" showed how fit she still is!

Class Avalanche Dog 2

2nd with  281 very good AKZ  Haredale Nandin and Brigitte Kaiser.

Well done the two of you - you are learning with every competition!  all the "old girl" Gopi!

20. /21. Februar - Tracking Dog Trials

On Saturday, Haredale Ganesh und Veronika Schwarz qualify in FH97-2 (Tracking Dog Class 2) gaining 80 points and the qualification "good" AKZ.
On Sunday the "old boy" did not manage with the difficult scenting conditions and had to give up.

21st February Avalanche Dog Trial - Hundesportverein Saanenland in Turbach

Class Avalanche Dog 3

1st with 289 excellent AKZ,  Dunlin von der Atterseewelle.

With this result Dunlin qualifies straight out for the special medal for avalanche dog work as well as qualifying for the Swiss Championship for Avalanche Dog Work (all breeds!). I am proud of my highly biddable, fast, and reliable "Dunny" who is the embodiment of "will to please", having run in 6 avalanche dog trials so far in his life - winning all 6!

3rd with 288 excellent AKZ  Haredale Little Dart with André Bühler
6th with 278 very good AKZ  Haredale Midge with Ursula Müller


Class Avalanche Dog 1

1st with 273 very good AKZ  Haredale Questing Beaver and Didier Rüegg

What a beginning at the very first avalanche dog trial in their life! Well done!


New report Why we are not progressing in breeding Working Labradors.

Planned litters
Planned litter Enjoy x Kanya added.


1st March 2010 - Hip & Elbow scores of the S-litter

Haredale Snipe:   HD A2/A2, ED 0/0

I am as happy as Verena Begemann about this excellent result!


3rd March 2010 - The qualifiers for the Swiss All Breed Avalanche Dog Championship on 20th & 21st March in Davos are online

Out of 25 Teams there are 4 pure Haredales :
André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart (Bramble's daughter)
Sandra Ruggli with Haredale Masha
Fränzi Walser with Haredale Meadowlark
Ursula Müller-Reich with Haredale Midge
(The 3 Ms are granddaughters of Bramble and daughters of  Spike)

I myself will be running Dunlin v.d. Atterseewelle (a great-grandson of Bramble and son of Spike)

Further Bramble-offspring qualified:
Inès Kramers with Quackskill Quilly Quasimoda (Bramble's granddaughter)
Silvia Peter Pfister mit Eremias Banyu v.d. Atterseewelle (Bramble's grandson)

Congratulations to everybody - and lots of luck at the event!

Thus there are 5 grandchildren of my unforgotten Bramble qualified, as well as 4 sons or daughters of my unsurpassed Spike (Enchanting Goldcrest would also be qualified, however we can only run one dog!) 

I think I know why I am planning a combination of Haredale Orenda (a granddaughter of Bramble) with Haredale Phoenix (my last son of Spike and a son of Haredale Little Dart, running under André Bühler).


3rd March 2010 - Two further official scores of the S-litter

Haredale Snowflash "Upi" in Finland isHD A/A, ED 0/0

Haredale Skene in Germany is HD A2, ED 0/0, shoulders OCD free.

I am so happy with the owners,  Timo Aho und Dietrich Sewerin, that they have a sound dog, which they may now exercise without any restrictions whatsoever.


Haredale Phoenix - Photogallery
Avalanche dog work on 7th February 2010


13th March 2010 - All S-litter Hip- and Elbow-scoresreceived

Haredale Sprig: HD B1, ED 0/0 - and once more the shoulders were not x-rayed as the vet (a specialist who knows what is required for retrievers!) knew that shoulders need not be done... How are my puppy buyers to stand a chance against all these vets who know everything better and refuse to do what their clients ask of them!

Nonetheless I am as happy as Holger und Nickl Wurms about the good scores for hips and elbows!

9 puppies - 8 x HD A to A2, 1 x HD B1 and 1 x bad hips (we are waiting for the official score to come back) and 9 S-offspring all ED 0/0.


14.03.10 - Avalanche Dog Trial  Kiental-Gorneren

Class Avalanche Dog 3

1st 292 excellent AKZ, André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart
3rd 282 very good AKZ, Verena Ommerli with Enchanting Goldcrest
5th 262 good AKZ, Franziska Walser with Haredale Meadowlark

What a stunning result by André and Dart - let's just hope this "fitness" can be kept up one more week! Lark and Crest both suffered from their handlers' nerves, as we seem to have put a lot of pressure on them - we are continuing to work on keeping cool!

A big thank you to Chrigel & Katrin Sieber of the Naturefriends' Chalet Gornern-Griesalp for this wonderful venue for a trial and the delicious food!

13.03.10 Working Test in Hettenschwil - Himmelcup

Novice Class

Unfortunately, Haredale Ramses and André Bühler don't come through without a zero and thus cannot get a result.

Intermediate Class

2nd excellent, 92 points, Lis Eggenberger and Haredale Panya.

Congratulations! Great that the two of you get on so well!

Open Class

9th good, 80 points, André Bühler and Haredale Little Dart.

... and the next day they compete in and win an avalanche dog trial! 

12.03.10  Tracking Dog Trial

Veronika Schwarz and Haredale Ganesh do not succeed in their first TD3 trial. But the next run will be along for the "old fellow" - and his joy to still be able to do some work remains unfailing.


20th/21st March 2010 - Swiss All-Breed Championship for Avalanche Dogs - climax and end of the season of work in the snow 

Absolutely perfect organization by the KV March-Höfe and two sunny, nearly too hot days (unfortunately it snowed during the prizegiving ceremony); a challenging avalanche search area and minutely prepared fine search areas. A great big thank you to all the helpers and to the two judges who gave so much of their spare time for us in order to make this championship possible!

Of the 25 teams running 14 could, unfortunately, not qualify, i.e. get an AKZ (= the team reached a minimum of 70 points in every part of the competition)

I am immensely proud of the four Haredale-handlers and their dogs, who all got a qualification - even more, not just a qualification but even two teams in the awards.

Swiss Champion Avalanche Dog Rescue 2010
André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart, 288 points, excellent AKZ
and in 3rd place
Sandra Ruggli with Haredale Masha, 283 points, very good AKZ

Absolutely incredible! Simply wonderful! Once more congratulations!

The further results:
12th place with 261 points, good AKZ, Ursula Müller-Reich with Haredale Midge
13th place with 258 points, good AKZ, Franziska Walser with Haredale Meadowlark

Congratulations to you too, for qualifying in this demanding championship and most of all a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for all the work you do with your dogs and all the wonderful results you achieve!

... and I myself with "Dunny-Bear"? Dunlin would have got more points if it hadn't been for me not letting him work the search area systematically from the beginning. I am more than pleased with him - as to whether he is so with me, I don't know - 5th place with 279 points, very good AKZ.


20th March 2010 - Working Test in Meienried (CH)

Novice Class

7th place with 93 points "good" - Andy Blockus with Haredale Reelan
Congratulations to Andy and Reelan.

Unfortunately no qualification - André Bühler with Haredale Ramses.
A pity, but as the Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship Winner 2010 I think you can just about survive a failed working test, can't you?


30th March  - Last official score for the S-litter

The official BVA/KC scores for Haredale Spark have arrived. Hip score 23/28 and elbows 0/0.

28th March - Red Cross Rescue Trial of the KV-Langenthal

Class SanH1
4th place with 263 points "good" AKZ - Barbara Banholzer with Haredale Questing Jools.
The two failed to find the object in the area seach part of the trial, which leads to a deduction of 20 points.
Congratulations on the obedience part, in which the two got 93 points (out of 100)! Carry on like this!

28th March - Qualification Test for Disaster Rescue Work

Haredale Leven and Regula Koch pass this qualification test. Congratulations!

27th March - Qualification Test for Area Search Work

Haredale Mersey and Antje Gunzinger pass this qualification test. Congratulations!


Haredale Orenda - Photogallery
Orenda doing avalanche dog work


Haredale Liffey - Photogallery
Liffeydoing dummy work

Haredale Pacey Pepper - Photogallery
Pepper doing dummy work


For planned litters - see the report on the corresponding page.

T-litter photogallery
New photo of Torry 'Dude', Teak & Taru.


T-litter photogallery
New photo of Tawin.

S-litter photogallery
New photo of Shian.


U-litter photogallery
First photos of Haredale U-litter.


One more score of the T-litter

Haredale Taru is scored with Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0 and shoulders OCD-free. I am as pleased as the owner, Veronika Schwarz, with this result. 


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter.


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter.


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter.


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter.


Some update on news... finally in English again - sorry about this

11th July 2010 - Working Test "Clauert Cup"

Vivian-Yasmin Wolf and Haredale Spirit pass their very first working test gaining 101 out of 120 points ending up in 11th place. Well done you two - carry on like this!

11th July 2010 - Cold Game Test - Beginner's Class (NOME-B ALO1) in Evo (Finland)

Only three days after their win in the working test, Tiina and Dude have a go at a cold game test. And what a wonderful job they did, coming home with a 1st prize. Great job you two!

In cold game tests no placings are given; you only get a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize, which may be likened to the qualifications "excellent", "very good", and "good", as well as a short report on the dog's performance written by the judge.  The test consisted of double mark, one in the water on in the reeds, a blind 20 metres over a stream, and a free search in two differents areas.
After this there is a rabbit track 100-200 meters and in beginners class the dog must find the start of the track by himself.

8th July 2010 - Working Test (WT ALO1)  in Mustiala (Finland)

Tiina Mursula and Haredale Torry "Dude" compete in their first ever Working Test in Beginner's Class - and win the competition gaining 1st place and the qualification 1st prize (which may be compared to the qualification "excellent") There were 30 dogs running and Tiina and Dude got 85 points. Congratulations to a wonderful start into the season!

3rd July 2010 - Red Cross Rescue Test in Davos-Laret

Brigitte Kaiser and Haredale Nandin achieve a total of 276 "very good" AKZ in the top class,  SanH3 (running in the greatest midday heat!) They end up in 3rd place. Congratulations to the great feat!


On the versatility of Haredale Labradors - also a goal in breeding!

19th June 2010 - TKJ 500m Blood track test in the Canton of Obwalden

Thomas Amrein and Haredale Oraya pass this blood tracking test with the highest qualification possible, a 4+! Congratulations on this superb performance! It may be added that Oraya is not just a useful shooting man's companion, as well as a family pet, her main job is working as a drug sniffer dog for the police of the Canton of Lucerne. Thank you Thomas for giving Oraya such a wonderfully fulfilling working life!

U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter.


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter of 08.07., 09.07. & 13.07.


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter of 16.07.


Waterfowler - offspring of Haredale Phoenix.


24th July - Working Test - Schwaben Trophy (Germany)

Wolfgang Zeidler and Pacey Pepper run in Novice, where they come 4th gaining 106 out of 120 points, only 1 point behind places 1 to 3. Out of 40 competitors only 20 managed to get through. Congratulations to the two of you!

18th July 2010 - Dummy-Test in Krauchenwies (Germany)

Klaus Farr and Orre qualify in Dummy O-class with 57 points "good". Well done!

11th July 2010 - Team Working Test - Stormy Weather (Germany)

Dagmar Hönnebeck with Olwyn (63 points) , Doris Zeller with Gunsights Bean Cracker (44 points) and Harald Hubert, who replaced Wolfgang Zeidler's Liffey (in season) with his 9-year-old Keena (54 points) reach 15th place with 161 points. Well fought, you six!

In the individual competition Klaus Farr and Orre are very unfortunate, getting two noughts. In the next compeititon there will be more luck I'm sure!


... our faithful companions always leave us too early ...

Haredale Earl Holmes *22.01.1996 - 26.05.2010

Moira and Ueli Moser write: "After fourteen years, four months and four days we had to relieve him from the pain his bone-cancer was causing him." Ueli and Earl did a large number of jobs for the police of the Kanton of Bern - year after year they took home small tin beakers for their success in their search for drugs.

I am so sorry to hear that you have now also lost this loveable companion after having lost Derek much too early.

Haredale Ena *22.01.1996 - 07.08.2010

Antonia Tischhauser writes: "We were no dream-couple when it came to competitions, which was due to the two-legged part of the team. But when I look back how my friends nearly fought over who would be able to look after Ena for a holiday because she was so obedient, and she got on with everything, and when I think of the boarding kennel (which I had to use now and again) where they told me it was wonderful to have Ena visit as they could always let her run free in the group and she would have a marvellously calming effect on the other dogs, I am nevertheless a bit proud. A lovely time has come to an end. The 9-year-old Cairn Terrier, Nouk and I will have to go on without our little Ena."

All those who do not keep their four-legged companions as "working animals" only can understand Moira, Ueli and Antonia's sadness over the loss of their faithful pals.


New Photo of Crest in April 2010.


S-litter photogallery
New photos of Skene.


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter.


Q-litter photogallery
New photos of Questing Jools.


U-litter photogallery
New photos of Haredale U-litter.


U-litter photogallery
New photos - Outing on 10.08.2010.

Q-litter photogallery
New photo of Questing Quip.


U-litter photogallery
New photo of Barley.


9th October ~ Shall be back in Switzerland as from 22nd October.

1st October 2010 - Unfortunately, still no update on results... I am abroad

Important notice to everybody who wants to contact me in the next two weeks. I am in Cornwall doing a project week with a class. Unfortunately, I had both a car accident (nobody hurt, just the rear door smashed) and lost my mobile...

Whoever wants to contact me would therefore please contact me on my GB mobile number: +44 (0)7570037541.

I can't check my e-mails regularly, so calling me is a safer bet.


Pictures of the Fermanagh Gundog Club Open Two Day Qualifying Stake in Trinmadan, Gortin, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Held on 11th & 12th October 2010.


O-litter photogallery
New photo of Olwyn.

U-litter photogallery
New photo of Unbelievable Flow.

S-litter photogallery
New photo of Sanna.


Swiss All-breed Utility Dog Championship on 20./21. November 2010 in Brittnau

Another Haredale wins a title in 2010!

In spring the mother, Haredale Little Dart (handled by André Bühler), wins the title of Swiss Avalanche Dog Champion, now the son wins the title of

 Swiss Champion in Companion Dog 3

Last year they came 2nd, this year they are winners with 291 points and the qualification "excellent".
What an incredible feat - congratulations to Res Krebs and Haredale New Nando.

In excellent, but rather unrewarding 4th place - the same place as last year, thus proving their consistency - are Ursula Müller-Reich and Haredale Midge. They were awarded 284 points and the qualification "very good". Only 7 teams out of 26 managed to gain excellent of very good. Congratulations to the two of you! 

Red Cross Rescue 3

Unfortunately Sandra Ruggli-Klee and Haredale Masha failed to find 2 of the persons and the object in the search, which means there was no chance of them contending for any awards for we all know that in rescue work finding all the mock-injured persons as well as the object is the essential point. Out of the 20 teams competing at this championship only 8 managed to find the 3 missing people and the object. All the more impressive, therefore, that Sandra and Masha showed lovely obedience work gaining 90 points out of 100!

Once more congratulations to all 3 Haredale teams for qualifying to run in this championship.


Please help me to set up a list of all the tests and trials Haredales have run in in the year 2010:

Unfortunately I have not had the time to write regular updates of all the tests and trials Haredales have run in since August. I would therefore ask you to send me a complete list of all the competitions you and your dog have run in stating the date, place, type of trial and the result so that I can write a complete list for the entire year.

Thank you very much for your help!


Haredale litters - photogallery
New photos of: Reelan's special bed, Panya, Sanna & Unbelievable Lundy.


K-litter photogallery
New photo of Keira in October 2010.


O-litter photogallery
New photo of Oraya.

Haredale Kanya photogallery
New photos of Kanya with Callan.


Tyrrellison Star Cluster 'Callan'

New photos of Dunlin, Orenda & Questing Beaver.


New photos of Dart, Phoenix, Dunlin, Kanya, Tarn, Orenda & Crest on a duck shoot in September 2010.


Dunlin's son, Thegrowingericemotion (born 11.02.2008) and his handler Salvatore Zappavigna win 1st excellent CACIT at the Field Trial in Sardinia on 07.12.10. Congratulations!


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