Haredale's archive news 2009


3rd & 4th January 2009 Field Trials Magliano Romano (I)

Tanja Grygar and Haredale Questing Quip manage to win 1st excellent at their first ever Field Trial (French style) after hours of walking up. On Sunday they pass with the qualification "good". Congratulations to this successful start into the new year and a promising career with each other!


One more x-ray result of the O-litter has arrived: Haredale Only Dotty, HD A1, ED 0/0, (shoulders to follow). Further Dotty has passed her temperament test.

Summary: A very friendly, active and bold bitch, with very pronounced working ability.

I am happy with Regine Wangemann about this good news.


On 6th January I had to go the last bit of life's way with Dazzle. I would like to thank Dr. Paul Kramers (Zurich) who supported me not just in his function as a vet, but particularly as a friend.

New report about breeding: End of 2008 - 17 years breeding.


Saturday, 10th January 2009

The first score of the R-litter has arrived. Haredale Ripple Hips A2, Elbows 0/0, Shoulders OCD-free. What good news for the owner, Dagmar Hoennebeck, and for me.


Monday, 12th January 2009

I should like to thank everybody who has sent me such kind words on the death of my old Dazzle-Bear. It is good to know that there are other dog owners out there, for whom it is also very painful to lose a dog - no matter how old the dog was. Good to know that there are people out there who can understand why I am sad at having to let the "old bear" go as long as he still had some dignity.

Dazzle was a fighter who lived all his life with pain as the FCP & OCD manifested itself at the early age of only 5 1/2 months. At the age of 7 months Dazzle was operated on. At that time I was told that Dazzle would not live to old age. Up to the age of 6 he worked and ran in trials. Later he coped in an admirable fashion with his elbows that were getting more and more crippled. At the duck shoots he was nearly unbeatable! He was a very special personality! I miss his big, brown, begging eyes.


On 10th January Crest had 9 puppies: 5 bitches and 4 dogs. Crest did everything with excellent instinct, "unpacking" and cleaning the puppies. However, she is now playing the "Princess" and wants to eat only the most exclusive of meals...

Haredale S-litter


13th January 2009

The last x-ray result of the O-litter has arrived: Haredale Orisha HD A2, ED 0/0, OCD-free (= shoulders).
I am as happy as the owners, Sabine and Axel, about this lovely result!


21st January 2009 - Utter devastation - sadness

On Wednesday, 14 January 2009, Veronika Schwarz and I talk on the phone. Vroni is so happy with her Nimish, the young, happy and enthusiatic worker. On Saturday that week they would run in their first avalanche dog competition... But fate doesn't spare anybody! On Friday night, 16th January, Vroni has to take Nimish to the Veterinary Hospital in Zürich - as an emergency case, for Nimish has a bloated stomach. After days of ups and downs of hopes that she will finally wake up from this nightmare, the devastating result is given: Nimish was suffering from an extremely aggressive cancer of the blood ...

Whoever wants to give Vroni some support may do so on the address ganesh1@bluewin.ch


17th January 2009 The first Avalanche Dog competition of the season: Davos-Pischa

Class Avalanche Dog3 - Group 1

2nd place with 290 exc AKZ Sandra Klee with Haredale Masha - what a start into the new season!
9th place with 266 good AKZ Benno Parpan with Haredale Minx

Class Avalanche Dog3 - Group 2

2nd place with  287 exc. AKZ Hanspeter Balsiger with Haredale Kerry - super - carry on like this!

18th January 2009 Avalanche Rescue Dog Competition:  Davos-Pischa

Class Avalanche Dog 2

1st place with 281 very good AKZ Fränzi Walser with Haredale Meadowlark. (The team place 2nd got 263 points). Congratulations!

Class Avalanche Dog3 - Group 2

2nd place with 289 exc. AKZ André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart. With this result the two have already achieved the qualification for the All-breed Swiss Avalanche Dog Championship. Congratulations!

9th place with 275 very good AKZ Ursula Müller-Reich with Haredale Midge. A wonderful result for their first ever competition in Grade 3!


Haredale S-litter - new photos, 9 days old.


Haredale S-litter - new photos.


S-litter - new photos.


2nd February 2009

Haredale Kanya is mated to Carolhill Quistador "Edge".
New photos of Edge


S-litter - new photos.


S-litter - new photos.


16th March 2009

At the weekend a lot of puppies went to their new owners... the house is quiet and empty with only 3 puppies remaining. However, these 3 have decided that they are "big" dogs and therefore allowed to live in the house!


Avalanche Dog Season 2009

Next weekend the Swiss All-Breed Avalanche Dog Championship will mark the climax as well as the closing of the 2009 season.

Out of 25 teams (all breeds) from all over Switzerland there are again 5 Haredale teams running.

Congratulations to all these 5 teams for qualifying to run and lots of luck for the weekend!

Hanspeter Balsiger with Haredale Kerry
André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart
Sandra Klee with Haredale Masha
Benno Parpan with Haredale Minx
Ursula Müller-Reich with Haredale Midge

The avalanche dog trials run:

24.01.09 Bosco Gurin, Tra da Nüm

Avalanche 3 André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart, 284 very good, 2nd

07.02.09 Muottas Muragl, SKG a l'En

Avalanche 3 André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart, 289 excellent, 1st
Avalanche 3 Benno Parpan with Haredale Minx, 286 very good, ? place

07.02.09 Lutertanne, Hundesport Toggenburg

Avalanche 3 Sandra Klee with Haredale Masha, 286 excellent, 2nd & Special medal!
Avalanche 3 Ursula Müller-Reich with Haredale Midge, 283 very good, 3rd

07.02.09 Lécherette, Cyno Les Ormonts

Avalanche 1 Verena Ommerli with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle, 283 very good, 1st

08.02.09 Lutertanne, Hundesport Toggenburg

Avalanche 3 André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart, 293 excellent, 1st

21.02.09 Splügen, SKBS OG Graubünden

Avalanche 1 Verena Ommerli with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle, 289 excellent, 1st
Avalanche 3 Paul Kramers with Haredale Gambolling Gopi, 275 very good, 5th
Avalanche 3 Benno Parpan with Haredale Minx, 274 very good, 6th

21.02.09 Saanen, Hundesportverein Saanenland

Avalanche 3 Fränzi Walser with Haredale Meadowlark, 273 very good  2nd
Avalanche 3 Ursula Müller-Reich with Haredale Midge, 269 good 7th

22.02.09 Saanen, Hundesportverein Saanenland

Avalanche 1 Verena Ommerli with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle, 276 very good, 1st
Avalanche 3 André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart, 284 very good, 2nd

07.03.09 Seeben, SC-OG Speer

Avalanche 3 André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart, 281 very good, 2nd

08.03.09 Seeben, SC-OG Speer

Avalanche 3 Fränzi Walser with Haredale Meadowlark, 283 very good, 3rd

22.02.09 KV-Seetal ... a "red cross search dog competition" in the middle of the avalanche dog season

SanH3 Sandra Klee with Haredale Masha, 272 very good, 1st


First photo in photogallery of the Haredale S-litter.


Results: various field trials, working tests and dummy tests

Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan pass their Dummy A-Test with 68 out of 80 points.

On 29.02.09 Klaus Farr and Haredale Orre win the Dummy F-class (= intermediate) in Lauda with 77 Punkten and on 14.03.09 they obtain the qualification "very good" gaining 97 out 120 points in the intermediate class of a Working Test in Lauda.

Tanja Grygar and Haredale Questing Quip pass all the field trials (French style) they ran in:
25.01.09 in Masserano - good 4th
14.02.09 in Barengo - very good 3rd
15.02.09 in Barengo - very good

... and at an intermediate working test on 21st February 09 they come 8th with "very good" (65/100)

Well done! Congratulations to all of you!


21.02.09 Dressurverein Basel - Utility Dog Trial

CD 1: Barbara Banholzer with Haredale Questing Jools, 280 very good, 3rd
CD 3: Antje Gunzinger with Haredale Mersey, 261 good, 2nd

07.03.09 SC-OG Bern - Gebrauchshundeprüfung

CD 3 Antje Gunzinger with Haredale Mersey, 272 very good, 1st

14.03.09 KV-Rheinfelden-Möhlin - Gebrauchshundeprüfung

CD 1 Barbara Banholzer with Haredale Questing Jools, 287 excellent, 2nd

Congratulations to Antja with Mersey and Barbara with Jools!


14.03.09 Working Test in Hettenschwil

Super weather, good organisation, but disappointing regarding the exercises:

Direct mark - blind (worked one after the other like single exercises)
Blind - memory mark
Double mark, then a blind
... that was the entire test. No "steadiness" was tested, only individual heelwork and every dog was tested alone...

Dunlin obviously "suffered" from the fact that there had been quite a bit going on because a number of puppies had left for their new homes. In addition he had not had the possibility to run a few miles the days preceding the test, so he did that at the test... With 73 points and the qualification "good" he can be found at the end of the list in the Open class.

Crest, whom I entered at short notice, as a competitor had dropped out, worked very reliably, however, so shortly after the litter she has not yet regained her physical condition and therefore lost points due to lack of speed. She ended up 9th with "very good" and 84 points in Open.

Congratulations to Dunlin's brother Devon who won the intermediate class with 94 points "excellent" after a run-off!


RCS (Retriever Club of Switzerland) Trophy Winners 2008 for Utility Work

Winner Best Companion Dog 1 (CD 1)
Res Krebs with Haredale New Nando

Winner Best SanH 1 ("Area Search Dog")
Brigitte Kaiser with Haredale Nandin

Winner Best Avalanche Dog 1 & 2
Verena Ommerli with Enchanting Goldcrest vom Keien Fenn

2nd Avalanche Dog 3
André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart

Super performances - congratulations to all of you! Carry on in this way!


Photos of Special Spirit.


... she is in pup...

After having had a scan done and heard the clear verdict that Kanya was not in whelp at the Sonnenhof clinic in Derendingen on 28th February, I really didn't know how to understand all the obvious signs of being in pup in her behaviour.

With every day I became more irritated as something was definitely wrong with Kanya and she was beginning to grow round around the waist. So I went to see a specialist last week, and he was even able to let us hear the heartbeats of the puppies ...


New photos of Nandin & Remic.


Saturday, 21.03.09 and Sunday, 22.03.09

Swiss Championship for Avalanche Rescue Dogs on the Melchseefrutt
All 5 Haredale-Teams obtained the AKZ, i.e. they passed the test. Congratulations!

Hanspeter Balsiger mit Haredale Kerry278vgAKZ (95-94-89)
André Bühler mit Haredale Little Dart273vgAKZ (89-99-85)
Sandra Klee mit Haredale Masha267gAKZ (82-90-95)
Benno Parpan mit Haredale Minx265gAKZ (89-94-82)
Ursula Müller-Reich mit Haredale Midge249gAKZ (73-89-87)

Sunday, 15th March 2009

Lis Eggenberger and Haredale Panya as well as Lisbeth Birchler and Haredale Patya pass the endurance test. - Not really surprising with these "cruise missiles" - Smile!


Swiss Championship for Avalanche Dogs 2009 - the five Haredale Teams.

R-litter Photogallery
Haredale Reelan - work in water


Good news of the R-litter:
Haredale Reelan Hips A1, Elbows 0/0, Shoulders OCD-free
Haredale Ronan Hips A2, Elbows 0/0, Shoulders OCD-free

Thank you Andy and Hilmar!


29th March 2009

Haredale Oran passes the "temperament test" and is judged with a "very good" for conformation.
I am as pleased as Gabriela about these results.


P-litter Photogallery
Pintga, Patya, Phoenix & Panya

Q-litter Photogallery
Questing Jools


Thoughts on breeding, and the aims when breeding Working Labradors

All genetests will not help us progress if we forget that we should aim to breed a Labrador Retriever - and there is much more to that than "merely" a phenotype that has passed all the tests with A, 0 and "clear"!

It takes fair deal of selfcritical assessment of temperament and working abilities of the dogs we use for breeding - as well as their relations and their results. Thus I cannot but be amazed when I read veritable "hymns" on their dogs, when I read words such as "no other breeder so far has achieved this" when a glance at another website shows that other Labradors have shown much more - and are simply ignored. I look for the "top-results" of these "dream- " and "top dogs" without success and I wonder why I cannot sing such hymns on my own dogs that have proven more and shown that they are can take the pressure of being versatile.

For example I might ask from which brood bitch there have been 3 offspring from the same litter qualified for a Swiss Championship...

There are only very few kennels from which you can find so many dogs' names appearing on lists of results from all sorts of competitions in utility and gundog work - and that without breeding 4 to 6 litters a year and hundreds and hundreds of puppies!

... thus a great big thank you to all puppy buyers who put their trust in me and who contribute to our seeing results from so many Haredales - also when it comes to health results!


On Saturday, 28th March, Antje Gunzinger and Haredale Mersey pass the Qualification Test for area rescue dogs. Well done the two of you!


04th April 2009 - the T-litter is born

Between 05.30 to 10 o'clock Kanya gives birth to 8 puppies. Unfortunately, the last black dog is born dead. 7 puppies are fit and active: 2 black dogs, 2 yellow dogs; 2 black bitches & 1 yellow bitch.

Haredale T-litter


New photos of Questing Beaver, Phoenix, Dunlin.

Photogallery of the Haredale litter
New photos of Panya, Ramses, Oran.


Orenda's photogallery - new photo.


Haredale Dusky Dancer  -  05.04.1995 - 10.04.2009

On Good Friday Dr. Paul and Dr. Inès Kramers had to say "Goodbye" to their first labrador bitch. All of us who keep their dogs not only as "working aninmals" but as everyday companions, can understand how hard it was to take this step. We are always sad to lose such a pal, however we must be thankful for the many wonderful hours we spent together. Dusky will also remain in loving memory as she marked the beginning of our friendship!


13th  April 2009  "Red Cross Rescue Dog Competition" (= SanH)  KV Untertoggenburg

Brigitte Kaiser with Haredale Nandin 252g AKZ (unfortunately didn't find the object) - 2nd place.

SanH3 (Group 2)
Sandra Klee with Haredale Masha 281vgAKZ -  1st place.



Photogallery of the Haredale litter
New photos of Nimish, Ripple & Ripple summer 2008.


Phoenix - Photogallery
New photos: Phoenix Dummy-Work.

Haredale T-litter


SKBS-OG Thun, 18.04.09

Antje Gunzinger and Haredale Mersey pass the Areas Search and Rescue Dog Test with the qualification "excellent" AKZ. Congratulations!


After having received the magazine of the French Retriever Club I realized that all my dogs were entitled to the French title of "trialer", which I shall now apply for:

Haredale Orenda -  Trialer à la française
Haredale Kanya - Trialer à l'anglaise
Haredale Little Dart - Trialer à la française & à l'anglaise
Dunlin von der Atterseewelle - Trialer à la française & à l'anglaise


Haredale T-litter - new photos.


T-litter photogallery
New fotos of 21.04. & 24.04.


25. April SKBS-OG Solothurn, Utility Dog Trial on the Schmiedenmatt (a mountain)

Class Companion Dog 1
1st, 285 very good AKZ, Barbara Banholzer
with Haredale Questing Jools. Congratulations to this wonderful final in this classe.

25. April Work & Show - Working Test in the Aarauer Schachen

Beautiful weather, super grounds, high quality judges and demanding exercises.

For us Haredale handlers there were ups and downs, but I am sure we have all learnt a lot.

Novice  Class (38 competitors)

Congratulations to Didier Rüegg with Haredale Questing Beaver on coming 2nd with 88 points and the qualification "very good"

Congratulations also to Lis Eggenberger with Haredale Panya on her 11th place with 65 points, "passed".

Failed: I myself with Haredale Phoenix as well as Bianca Röthlisberger with Haredale Pintga. The very first working test in their lives! Both our "missiles" were a bit too enthusiastic so that they overran their search area and hunted miles to widely... After having been able to work Phoenix for coming up two months only (cf. report on his accident and treatment) , this working test was a good test to see our progress.

Open Class (23 competitors)
(On equal points, the points achieved in exercise 3 were taken as a measure as there was no run-off for placings. Unfortunately this was only applied selectively.)  

Congratulations to André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart. After their successful avalanche dog trial season they are now starting to do dummy work. At the first ever working test in André's life they manage to come 5th with 78 points and the qualification "good". What a wonderful start!

Dunlin once again messed up a mark losing 10 out of 20 points in that exercise. We are working on it... We managed to get 9th place with 76 points and the qualification "good".

Thoughts on this working test
Particularly in the Novice classe with a line of 4 dogs (apart from exceptions where only 2 dogs were tested in line) and one test where 2 dogs were sat up at the same time, the steadiness of the "small ones" was certainly tested to the utmost, as some had to wait for a long, long time due to partners constantly running in oder lying down to play with the dummy, etc. Strangely enough the Intermediate and Open dogs were not tested in pairs, i.e the Novice dogs had to show the greatest level of steadiness on this day.

Apart from the steadiness there was a test involving 3 retrieves, which was simply asking too much of a large number of Novices. Two marks were thrown at an angle of 45 degrees. The first one was chucked into a fairly small spinney, the second one to the left, the other side of a fence. Distances for both: around 60m. The first retrieve to be fetched was the first mark on the right (wind from the left!); the second retrieve was a blind and then the last retrieve the mark across the fence. Once the dogs had disappeared around the spinney they might be well on their way to the mark on the left before they were visible for the handler...

I was wondering how the difficulties would be raised for the Intermediate and Open dogs and was rather surprised that the only difference in the set up for the higher classes was making the distance slightly longer. Maybe we should really only run a novice dog once it has reached the age and training experience of an open class dog?

It may also be remarked that a fair number of the lovely helpers had hardly any experience in throwing dummies and that the regulations were not always adhered to as the shot was fired AFTER the dummy had been thrown.


30th April 2009 - R-litter x-ray result

Severine Bührer's Haredale Roisin has been scored A/A for hips, 0/0 for elbows and shoulders OCD-free.

I am very happy about this. Thank you very much for scoring your bitch!


T-litter photogallery
New fotos of 30.04.


Photogallery of the Haredale litter
Haredale S-litter - new photos of Skene, Shian & Snowflash 'Upi'
Haredale P-litter - photos of Pintga (September 2008)


2nd May 2009 Club Show Working Test of the Austrian Retriever Club

Gabriela Thalhammer and Haredale Oran obtain 83 points, "very good" and 9th place (around 40 competitors) in Novice class.


7th May 2009 ... a further score of the R-litter

Haredale Rowan HD A/A, ED 0/0, shoulders OCD-free. I am as happy as Rowan's owner, Conny Thoma, about this wonderful result.

7th May 2009 "Armydog" Beaver

Haredale Questing Beaver and Didier Rüegg pass the entrance test to go into training in the Swiss army as a disaster rescue dog.


11th May 2009 ... a further score from the R-litter

Haredale Remic HD A/A, ED 0/0, shoulders OCD-free.
I am as pleased as Ruth Clarke about this wonderful result.

S-litter Photogallery
Sprig in his new home


T-litter photogallery
New photos of 30.04. & 01.05.


Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan pass the JP/R in Coesfeld with 244 points. Congratulations! 


T-litter photogallery
New photos of 7th & 8th May and 10th May.


T-litter photogallery
New photos of 19.05.09.


New photo of Beaver with trophies in Combrimont.

Photogallery of the Haredale litter
New photos of Rowan & Skene and Quip & Spark.

T-litter photogallery
New photos of 24.05.09


Various "older" results:

Working Test in Combrimont (F) on 9th & 10th May 2009

In Novice class, Didier Rüegg and Haredale Questing Beaver are placed 2nd on both days. On Saturday with 94 points and on Sunday with 92 points. What a marvellous weekend for the two of you. Congratulations!

Saturday, 9th May Open Class
Vera Crettaz with Haredale Loon: 4th place with 68 points. Congratulations!
André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart: NC 62 points with 1 x zero.

Sunday, 10th May Open Class
André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart: 6th place with 77 points. Well done you two!
Vera Crettaz with Haredale Loon: NC 71 points with 1 x zero.

Working Test in Zichem, 23. Mai 2009
Christophe Parmentier with Haredale Lyde: NC with 72 points.


6th June 2009 Special Blood-Tracking Test

Dr. Gabriela Thalhammer and Haredale Oran pass this special test with a first prize, gaining 64 out of 64 possible points. Oran was the only retriever competing in a field of 51 dogs.

We are proud of the two of you!

6th June Working Test Münsterland Cup

Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan end up in 10th place with 83 points and the qualification "very good" out of 42ogs competing.
... and on 7th June 2009
 Reelan passes the "Temperament Test" of the LCD in Borken-Weseke. Judge: Uwe Görlas.

Congratulations on the successful weekend!


Late news: Test for Drugsniffer Dogs of the Cantonal Police Lucerne

On 8th May Haredale Oraya and her handler, Thomas Amrein, qualified to do real search work as a drug sniffer dog.

What a marvellous job for a beginner in dog training! Carry on in this way!


21st June 2009 "Temperament-Test" in Gösgen

Three bitches from three different litters pass their test for labradortypical temperament (friendly and confident with people, enthusiastic about retrieving and using their noses, and a great love of water):

Haredale Orenda (Verena Ommerli) with 98 out of 99 Punkten.
Haredale Panya (Lis Eggenberger) with 99 out of 99 Punkten.
Haredale Questing Beaver (Didier Rüegg) with 99 out of 99 Punkten.

In addition both Orenda and Panya get the qualification "very good" for conformation.

What a great day! I am equally as happy as the owners about these results!

*The temperament test and the qualification for conformation are two essential parts of the requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to be allowed to breed from any Retriever in Switzerland.


Sunday, 26th July 2009: Working Test in Vermiglio (Trentino - Italy)

Lis Eggenberger and Haredale Panya get 4th place in the Beginners' class (= Puppy/Novice) with 79 out of 90 points (22 teams competing)

Sunday, 26th July 2009: Working Test in Beerse (Belgium)

Regine Wangemann and Haredale Only Dottie get 7th place in the Initiatie classe (= Puppy/Novice) with 93 out of 100 points (51 teams compteing).

Both handlers lost the greatest number of points themselves because they sent their dogs just before the judge told them to do so. What a pity - but this has happened to all of us... and we have learnt from it!

Congratulations to the two of you!


T-litter photogallery
New photos from  01. to 05.06.09.

Photogallery of the Haredale litter
New photo of Ramses.

New photos of Dunlin (portrait and dummy-work), Phoenix (spare time and dummy-work), Kanya & Orenda (portrait and dummy-work).


Saturday, 4th July 2009: Areas Search Rescue (Red Cross Rescue) Competition in Davos-Laret

Brigitte Kaiser and Haredale Nandin have their very first run in class 3 (= highest class) SanH3 and win with 285 very good.



Sonntag, 4. July 2009: Working Test "Miles & More" in Iffezheim

Didier Rüegg and Haredale Questing Beaver are placed 5th in Novice , with 106 out of 120 points and the qualification "very good" (41 teams running).

Congratulations to both of you - super job!


At the beginning of July I enquired with the owner of Haredale Reilly "Elmo" whether  the dog was showing promise and progress as a drug sniffer with Swiss customs. Some days later I received a message from an office mate who told me that unfortunately Elmo had fallen victim to a traffic accident. The dog had run across the road on a walk and been hit by a lorry. The only consolation was that Elmo had not had to suffer because he was dead on the spot - the owner was in great distress about the dog's death.

On further inquiry I was told that the accident in question had happened quite exactly 2 months before, on 4th May.


Photogallery of the Haredale litter
New photos of Falco, Keira, Reelan, Snipe & Snowflash "Upi".

T-litter photogallery
New photos of FTCh Flashmount Socrates (Edge's grandsire).


Summer-update - Holidays in Denmark - new experiences (more in reports)

16th / 17th July2009 Jubilee-Working Test - 50 years Danish Retriever Club in Feddet

A Swiss person can only dream of such vast expanses and challenging cover - unbelievable!

Thursday, 16th July 09: Begynderklasse (Beginners' Class)

In this class basically only simple marks are asked for, but if you use your whistle even once only under a Danish judge you immediately lose 5 points...

Phoenix does a good job considering he has never in his life worked in heather; he ends up in 6th place (88 points out of 100) out of 66 dogs running (17 have a failure).

Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan get a pass, however, they cannot get in among the best 15 with the points obtained.

Friday, 17th July 2009: Aben & Vinderklasse (Open & Winner Class)

Orenda shows excellent marking ability nonwithstanding the unknown cover and works consistently throughout the day. In the end she manages to get First place with 89 points in a field of 52 dogs running (37 get a pass).

What a wonderful surprise with my kind and biddable "Rendi". I suppose sometimes speed alone is not the most important thing for a good performance - sometimes brain can also be quite useful to be efficient!

"Cruise missile" Dunlin messes up one long mark completely, thus ruining the good points he gets in all the other exercises, getting 76 points out of 100, which is not sufficient to get in among the best in a field of 48 dogs, of which 26 get a pass.


25th July 2009 Working Test in Langnau - Novice Class

Haredale Patya with her handler Lisbeth Birchler and Haredale Panya with her handler Lis Eggenberger both obtain 98/120 Punkten and the qualification "very good" ending up in 5th place. Didier Rüegg and Haredale Questing Beaver come 10th with 92 points and the qualification "good".In a field of 29 dogs running only 15 get a pass.

Congratulations to the good results of these teams!

26th July 2009 Working Test in Langnau - Open Class

Vera Crettaz and Haredale Loon obtain 98 out of 120 Punkten with the qualification "very good". They end up in 8th place in a field of 16 dogs.  



Saturday, 25th July 2009 - C-Proeve Vinderup (DK)

The Danish C-Test is an inofficial cold game test, which is judged along the rules of the official cold game test, the Markproeve B.

Begynderklasse (Beginners)

A simple test with three single marks, of which one is from water. Following this the dog has to hunt an area for about five different types of game.

Haredale Phoenix has to run in this class as he has not yet got any other qualification.
Result: 1st prize and Best Dog of the Day.

Brugsproeve (Admission test for the Markproeve B)

This is a pure obedience test. In a field 4 poles forming a square of about 20 x 20 m are stuck in the ground with a fifth pole marking the start. The dog is to walk to heel on the lead from the starting pole to the first pole of the square. There the dog is to sit, the lead is removed and then the dog is to walk to heel off the lead going round the remaining poles. At the last one the dog is told to sit and stay while the handler walks to the starting point. After a wait of about a minute or two the dog is called to heel. After this there is a shot fired and finally the dog is asked to retrieve a dummy thrown by the handler.
Phoenix passes this Brugsproeve obtaining maximum points..

Abenklasse (level about intermediate)

The test consists of 1 single mark, 1 double mark, 1 blind (distance max about 60m) and a search for various types of game (including domestic rabbits!) with two dogs working at the same time.

Orendas first mark was a crow, which caught us both totally off guard and we continued the test very unsure of what was to be expected.
Result: 3rd prize.

Vinderklasse (Winner Class)

In this class no prizes (qualifications) are given. The system works exactly the same as in GB: either you manage to get into the first four or you go home empty-handed.

Dunlin works consistently thoughout the day, however, doesn't manage to get into the first four.

Sunday, 26th July - B-Proeve Hvidemosen (DK)

Markproeve B - Begynderklasse (Beginners)

Phoenix' Resultat: 1st prize.

Markproeve B - Abenklasse (level Intermediate)

Orenda and I start off in a very promising manner. But somehow we just don't seem to be in harmony with each other and she does things I would never have thought possible. Once more I have to say to myself: Never say "never"!
Result: fail.

Markproeve B - Vinderklasse (Winner Class)

Again Dunlin works very solidly thoughout the whole day, even does fairly well in the 100 x 100m search in the heather, where there are 12 heads of game. This huge area is very strange for a dog that is used to running in field trials and has been taught to hunt a small area very closely in order not to disturb game.

Thus I am proud of my "big bear" that he tried his best to do what I wanted of him, even picking a big seagull without any hesitation. I can't blame him for being rather surprised at being asked to pick a grey and white domestic rabbit, hesitating to pick it for a brief moment, which led to getting only 5 points for the entire exercise and again not making the awards.


Haredale Inch 02.03.1999 - 09.08.2009

To my greatest dismay I had to learn that Inch died of a heart failure on Sunday evening, 9th August. Katrin Isigkeit ran in innumerable tests with Inch - even 2008 at the German Cup - and had marvellous successes with her; among others Inch was Topdog at the IWT in 2004. Inch was so fit (see picture in June on Texel). Our four-legged companions always leave us much too soon and all that remains is the memory of a special friend that enriched our lives.


"Same procedure as every year" - the Engadine calls!
Working Test of 15th August 2009 in S-chanf

Novice Class (33 entries - 23 qualified)

1. Platz vorzüglich 99P: Lis Eggenberger mit Haredale Panya 
1. Platz vorzüglich 99P: Lisbeth Birchler mit Haredale Patya

How wonderful for the four of you!

5th excellent 95p: Verena Ommerli with Haredale Phoenix 
12th very good 89p: Bianca Röthlisberger with Haredale Pintga 
12th very good 89p: Andy Blockus with Haredale Reelan

One Haredale handler is unlucky and cannot pass the test; it is Gabriela Thalhammer with Haredale Oran.

Was für schöne Erfolge für alle anderen! Herzliche Gratulation!

 Intermediate Class (22 entries - 16 qualified)

13th very good 85p: Verena Ommerli with Haredale Orenda

 Open Class (29 entries - 25 qualified)

3rd excellent 96p: Trainingpartner Marion Schwaller with Devon von der Atterseewelle
6th excellent 94p: André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart
10th excellent 91p: Harald Hubert with Haredale Keena
13th very good 84p: Vera Crettaz with Haredale Loon

Congratulations to all of you!

Dunlin fails the test because I don't trust him on a very long mark and apply the whistle too early, as he has been forced to watch the first dog hunt around in the woods far beyond the mark for at least 5 minutes... This one zero is doubled up as the judges are told that they should have set up five exercises and they had only planned four... and then only those dogs are given the water exercise that have not yet got a zero. Thus at the end of the day one zero leads to three zeros and in the work booklet the points obtained are marked as out of 100, although technically the maximum possible without the water would be three exercises at 20 points each, adding up to 60 not 100 points. 

Strangely enough not even a month previously at the event in Langnau it was possible to figure out the qualifications on the basis of 6 exercises with a total of 120 points; in S-chanf it was not possible to figure out the qualifications on the basis of only 80 points - and this with the very same regulations...

Seems rather strange, but so what, the next test is coming up - probably with different rules again, I suppose.


16th August 2009 - Cold Game Tests C & B in S-chanf

Class "C" (Novice) (23 entries - 11 qualified)

1st excellent: Marion Schwaller with Devon von der Atterseewelle
2nd excellent: Verena Ommerli with Haredale Phoenix
10th very good: Andy Blockus with Haredale Reelan

Congratulations to the Haredales and to Dunlin's litter-brother, Devon!

No qualification due to wrong bird:
Lisbeth Birchler with Haredale Patya
Lis Eggenberger with Haredale Panya

What a pity that we sometimes blow the whistle just a bit too late with our fast dogs... But we learn from that too!

Class "B" (Open) (25 entries - 15 qualified)

2nd excellent RCACT: André Bühler with Haredale Little Dart

What a super performance! Congratulations!

10th very good: Verena Ommerli with Dunlin von der Atterseewelle
15th good: Vera Crettaz with Haredale Loon

What a wonderful weekend for the Haredales. Thank you to all the handlers who run their Haredales in various competitions!


Photogallery of the Haredale litter
New photo of Kyro, Reelan and Ramses, Reelan & parents.

New photos of Dunlin (spare time and dummy-work), Orenda, Kanya, Crest & Phoenix.

Haredale Champions
Field Trial Champions & other Champion Titles.


Photos of the holiday in Denmark
Training grounds and dogwork


Photos of the holiday in Denmark
Countryside, Nature & People


Photos of the holiday in Denmark


30th August 2009 - Water Working Test in Vehlefanz (D)

Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan get the qualification "excellent" in Beginners' Class with 93/100 points and are placed 14th.

30th August 2009 - Dummy Trial in Pieve S. Stefano (I) - Open

Tanja Grygar and Haredale Questing Quip get the qualification "very good".

29th August 2009 - Dummy Trial in Pieve S. Stefano (I) - Intermediate

Tanja Grygar and Haredale Questing Quip win: excellent 1st place!
What a wonderful result for the two of you!

22nd August 2009 - Working Test in Burcolo (NL)

Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan obtain 74/100 points in the C-class and are placed 11th.


Photogallery of the Haredale litter
New photo of Ena and Spirit.


10th September 2009 - Eye examinations

All my brood bitches and stud dogs are clear as regards all forms of eye diseases:
Haredale Kanya, Haredale Little Dart, Enchanting Goldcrest vom Keien Fenn, Haredale Orenda, Haredale Phoenix & Dunlin von der Atterseewelle.


13th September 2009

Utility Dog Trial of the SC-OG Wil

Brigitte Kaiser and Haredale Nandin qualify in the Companion Dog 2 stake, getting 277 points, qualification "very good AKZ". There were no further awards on this day as they were the only competitors in this class.

Ursula Müller-Reich and Haredale Midge compete in the Companion Dog 3 stake (the highest level). They get 284 points, qualification "very good  AKZ" and are awarded 1st place.

Red Cross Rescue Triel of the KV-Grosshöchstetten

Fränzi Walser and Haredale Meadowlark obtain 276 points and the qualification "very good AKZ" in the highest class, SanH 3. They come 2nd with this result.

Congratulations to all three teams on these nice results!

Note: AKZ = Ausbildungskennzeichen = In every type of Utility Dog Trial in Switzerland there are 3 different parts with 100 points each. A minimum of 70 points has to be obtained in each part in order to get the AKZ, which means that test has been completed successfully .

12th September 2009 - Working Test "Weserbergland Cup"

In Beginner's Class Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan come 16th with 81 points and the qualification "very good" out of 42 competitors. Congratulations!


13th September 2009 - Retriever Club of Switzerland: Temperament Test in Gösgen

In order to be able to breed from any dog in Switzerland it has to pass a test on "temperament" as well as get a qualification for "conformation" (a show judge assesses as to whether the dog is conform to the standard or not).

Haredale Phoenix passes his temperament test getting 99 out of 99 points and is judged as conforming to the standard with the qualification "very good". (For more detailed information see his own page & new photo of Phoenix in September 09.)

The last son of Spike's is starting to live up to his name "Phoenix" - not just when it comes to temperament and looks, but particularly as regards performance. Having failed his first working test in April he then went on to run in 7 further competitions gaining excellent results in all of the 5 different types of tests (WT Novice, Brugsproeve, Markproeve B, Apportierprüfung C & Epreuve B. For more detailed information: Phoenix Trials & Tests.)
I am now looking forward to running Phoenix in Field Trials.
(As a comparison: On one of the many wesites it says about a dog that is over 4 years old, how extraordinarily consistent this very dog has been performing. The list proving this statement consists of 7 individual runs - up to Intermediate working test level.)


Saturday, 19th September 2009

Swiss Disaster Rescue Dog Association - Area Search Dog Test in St. Cergue

Antje Gunzinger and Haredale Mersey pass the test and are thus qualified to be called in the case of a person who has gone missing.

Utility Dog Trial of the HS-Linth

Conny Thoma and Haredale Rowan pluck up their courage to enter their very first competition in Companion Dog 1 - obtaining a total of 287 points and the qualification "excellent" they come 1st!
What a wonderful beginning of your future "test career"! 

Utility Dog Trial of the KV-Langenthal

Barbara Banholzer and Haredale Questing Jools enter a Companion Dog 2 stake. Getting 273 points and the qualification "very good AKZ" they come 1st. Congratulations to a team that is lovely to watch!


Addendum: 5th September 2009 - Utility Dog Trial KV-Münsingen

Res Krebs and Haredale Nando succeed in getting sensational 291 points with the qualification "excellent" in their first Companion Dog 3 stake; 15 points ahead of the team placed second. Congratulations!


26th & 27th September 2009 - Field Trial Weekend in Erstein (F)

Wonderful weather (nearly too hot for the dogs) and super atmosphere -people from the Alsace know that it is not only the competition that counts, but that companionship, good food and a glass of wine (of course!) also belong to a "wellness" weekend. Thank you very much Jacqueline and Daniel Lack for the organization of this event!

Saturday, 26th September

"A la française" (French style): there were three different groups on both days.

Group 1: 1st excellent  CACT,  Haredale Phoenix with Verena Ommerli
Group 2: 3rd excellent,  Haredale Orenda with Verena Ommerli
Group 3: very good, Haredale Questing Beaver with Didier Rüegg

"A l'anglaise" (English style) there were two different groups:

Group 1: 2nd excellent, Dunlin von der Atterseewelle with Verena Ommerli

Sunday, 27th September

"A la française" (French style):

Group 1: 2nd excellent RCACT,  Haredale Orenda with Verena Ommerli
Group 2: 1st excellent  CACT, Haredale Phoenix with Verena Ommerli
                 Excellent, Haredale Questing Beaver with Didier Rüegg

"A l'anglaise" (English style):

Group 2: 4th excellent, Dunlin von der Atterseewelle with Verena Ommerli

What a start into a field trial career for my Phoenix - the legendary bird risen from the ashes...


27th September 09 Utility Dog Trials at the HS-Toggenburg

Sandra Ruggli-Klee and Haredale Masha are placed 2nd in Red Cross Rescue Class 3, obtaining 277 points "very good" AKZ. With 96 points for the obedience part of the competition they win the trophy for highest points of all competitors!  Super! 

26th September 09 Utility Dog Trials at the SKBS-OG Basel

Res Krebs and Haredale New Nando compete in Companion Dog 3 and reach 282 points "very good" AKZ and 1st place -  although they failed to find one of the three objects in the area search. Congratulations!

Successful search: about a fortnight ago Thomas Amrein and Haredale Oraya had a first big success. Oraya found drug money worth around SFr.10'000.-- in a house search. Some people must love them now, others - I suppose - are not very pleased with this team!


Some more news of the weekend:

26.09.09 BLP in Braunfels/Solms

Winner with 313 points - Haredale Orre with Klaus Farr. Congratulations!


Earlier News - only just received:

On 28th August 09 for the first time in her life Moni Zeidler enters a working test (Munich Cup) with Haredale Liffey, her husband's bitch. Unfortunately, the tension of the two leads to a zero in one exercise after some very good work in the other exercises.

Well done, Moni, we expect more runs!

On 20th September 09 Wolfgang Zeidler runs Liffey in the Intermediate class in Stegersbach/Burgenland (A). Liffey wins her class obtaining the qualification "excellent" (74 out of 80 points). She is also awarded "Judges' Choice."

Congratulations to both of you!


24. & 25. September 2009 Working Test "St. Hubertus" in Wittenbach 

Novice Class

André Bühler and Haredale Ramses enter their first WT. On a walk just before the test Ramses jumps into a fountain and, standing in water, touches the electric wire with his head, which is not very conducive to building up confidence before a test... Nevertheless the two obtain a total of 71 points - however, unfortunately with a zero. (I am sure that the next time - without any electric fences beforehand - these last 20 points will also go into the account.)

Open Class

André Bühler and Haredale Little Dart get 75 points and the qualification "good", classed 13th. Little Dart lived up to her name: she shot off like an arrow, but the usually extremely good marker had the "hunting chip" loose on the day.

A huge big compliment to André Bühler who has taken up Retrieverwork with such tremenduous enthusiasm after having trained and competed with German Shepherd Dogs for over 30 years!


On 25th September the Widmer family had to say good bye to their much loved Faun (09.11.1996 - 25.09.2009). He was their trusting companion for nearly 13 years. Faun will remain in good memory. Unfortunately, our dogs accompany us only a very short distance on our way through life.

New photo of Dunlin in Field Trial in Erstein & Sprig in May.


5th October 2009 - Field Trial (walked up) in Montenoy (F)

FT à la française (Group 1)

v2 RCACT   Haredale Questing Beaver with Didier Rüegg

Well done the two of you! With only two runs Beaver qualifies for the title "Trialer à la française". Wonderful!

3rd excellent  Haredale Orenda with Verena Ommerli

That was the last run in "française" (Novice) for Orenda, who has proved her reliability in all terrains with all kinds of game. 

7 runs with the following results speak for themselves:
2x 1st excellent CACT, 2x 2nd excellent RCACT, 2x 3rd excellent und 1x not classed.

very good   Haredale Panya with Lis Eggenberger

4th October 2009 - Field Trial St. Benoît-sur-Woevre (F)

A very successful day for the Haredales.

 FT à la française (= Novice) (Group 2)

1st excellent CACT   Haredale Orenda with Verena Ommerli
3rd excellent   Haredale Questing Beaver with Didier Rüegg
excellent          Haredale Panya with Lis Eggenberger

What a wonderful beginning of their FT-career for Beaver and Panya and what a nice opening of the season for Orenda who proves her worth as a reliable gamefinder and very biddable dog in every situation.

FT à la française (= Novice) (Group 3)

v1 CACT   Haredale Phoenix with Verena Ommerli

3 runs and 3 CACTs in succession... incredible!

Both Orenda and Phoenix now need a "very good" in one trial à l'anglaise (open) and two show results with "very good" (from French Retriever Club specialty shows) to get their FTCh-titles (à la française).

FT à l'anglaise (Group 1)

2nd excellent  Haredale Little Dart with André Bühler

A super start at Field Trials for André and Dart. Congratulations on the very first Field Trial in André's "doggy-career"!

FT à l'anglaise (Group 2)

4th excellent   Dunlin von der Atterseewelle with Verena Ommerli 

Addendum - earlier news:

29th August 2009 - Water Working Test in Vehlefanz (D)

Andy Blockus gets 93 out of 100 points with Haredale Reelan and the qualification "excellent". Congratulations!

19th September  2009 - Newcomer Trophy in Hellwege (D)

Andy Blockus gets 70 out of 100 with Haredale Reelan. To date Reelan has run in 10 events (7 since mid-July!) , qualifying in every single one. Although I personally do not approve of running a young dog in too many competitions Reelan's consistency is impressive.


10th October 2009 - "Bringleistungsprüfung" (BLP) in Rott on Inn (D)

The BLP is a test with cold game with exercises that are clearly specified, encompassing an obedience, hunting, tracking and one handling exercise, as well as work in water. 

Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan come 3rd with 312 out of 340 points. Congratulations! Reelan will be 2 years old end of November and has qualified in 3 different types of competitions sind mid-July: Working Test Novice, Cold Game Test Novice & BLP. I think he deserves a break from competitions now!


17th October 2009 - Utility Dog Trial of the SKBS-OG Solothurn

Res Krebs and Haredale New Nando win their third CD3-stake in succession - with unbelievable 289 points and the qualification "excellent" AKZ. With this result they qualify for the special medal as well as for the Swiss Championship for all breeds.
What a great achievement! Congratulations to the two of you!

10th October 2009 - Utility Dog Trial of the KV-Wil

Conny Thoma and Haredale Rowan are placed 3rd (out of 15 competitors) with 280 points and the qualification "very good" in CD1. Congratulations!


Information regarding the publication of results on this webpage: to date I have had the philosophy of openness and tranparency as regards my breeding as well as the dogs handled by me as well as the ones from my kennel. In my opinion you can only get a valid picture of a kennel and the performance of the dogs if all results are published. Unfortunately, third parties seem to be irritated by the fact that failures or weak results are also published on the webpage. One person wrote to me that if had a Haredale she would feel "exposed" if a bad result were published by the breeder of her dog in the manner commented by me...

I have therefore decided to publish only those results sent to me personally by the handler of the dog. Thus it will not be my decision whether to publish a result or not. However, I do not want anyone to reproach me for publishing the good results only!

Of course I shall continue publishing not only the "best results" of my own dogs... Whoever trials knows how quickly something can go wrong and it is only the ones who do not enter tests and trials who can maintain they have never had a failure!


18th Oktober 2009

Axel Lutz and Haredale Orisha pass the BLP (a German-type cold game test with set exercises) in Baden-Baden with 250 points. Congratulations!


24th/25th October 2009 - Working Test Finals in Germany

In Intermediate, Klaus Farr and Haredale Orre show consistent work and end up in 7th place with 171 points and the qualification "very good" out of 22 competitors. Congratulations to a nice end of season in working tests!


25th October 2009 - "Temperament Test" of the Swiss Retriever Club

Fränzi Walser enters her "holiday dog", Haredale Patya, for the test and goes through it with flying colours gaining 96 out of 99 points possible. In addition Patya gets the qualification "very good" for conformation. What more do we want! Congratulations and a great big thank you! 

24th/25th October 2009 - Working Test "Heart of Switzerland"

A very nice working test with challenging exercises.


2nd place "excellent" with 113 points. André Bühler with Haredale Ramses. Super, the two of you! (...and that, although Ramses was again caught in an electric wire on the way to the grounds)


Consistent as always Orenda ends up 5th with 104 points and the qualification "very good".

Phoenix' first Intermediate-Start showed that it will take some time yet for him to learn to employ his energy in the way expected... The zero ruins an otherwise respectable list of points.


2nd "very good" with 102 p: Dunlin von der Atterseewelle with Verena Ommerli
3rd "very good" with 102 p: Haredale Little Dart with André Bühler.

As expected this working test introduced something new again (we already know the 120 instead of 100 points and also that one exercise is counted double if only four exercises are given and 80 points possible) as now the dog's age was taken into consideration, thus Dunlin, being the younger onr came second.


1st November 2009 - Utility Dog Trial at the KV Zürichsee

Cornelia Thoma and Haredale Rowan have another run in CD1 and come 6th with 282 sg AKZ out of 33 competitors. Congratulations!


Haredale Photogallery
Photo of Haredale Spirit (English Springer Spaniel) in August 09.


Various results

Fränzi Walser and Haredale Meadowlark run in a Red Cross Rescue Dog 3 Trial in Davos. They qualify in the test getting the following points 72 (search work) - 100 (3 persons & 1 object)  - 91 (obedience), which got them 263 points and the qualification "good" AKZ.

In a further RCRD3-trial in the Canton of Glarus they obtain 83-100-86. A lot more points for the search work, but unfortunately quite a few less than usual in the obedience part so that they miss the qualification "very good" by 1 point, getting 269 points. What a pity - certainly there will be the day when both seach work and obdience will be as usual and the result at the end such as had been expected!

Disaster Rescue Work

On 24th October Regula Koch and Haredale Leven take part in a Disaster Rescue Trial. After excellent search work with183 points,  the two of them unfortunately lose too many points in the obedience part of the trial and cannot qualify - nonwithstanding the overall respectable points obtained over the day.

On 8th November the two have another go at the test. This time the search work is not as good as expected: they get 161 points. However, the team qualifiy overall gaining 242 "good" AKZ. Well done, the two of you - go on in this way!

Field Trials à l'anglaise (English style)

Vera Crettaz and Haredale Loon have to date achieved on 2nd excellent RCACT and two 1sts excellent CACT , with which they have already gained the qualification for the title of French FTCh à l'anglaise.

How absolutely wonderful!

On 8th November the team runs in a BICP (International Test for Practical Shooting) - and they win! Congratulations!


New photo of Leven & Quip with turtle.


8th November 2009 - Retriever Club of Switzerland
Swiss Utility Dog Championship in Lyss

Congratulations to all the Haredales that ran in this competition: all qualified and two are in the awards.

Companion Dog 3

Ursula Müller and Haredale Midge come 2nd gaining 285 points "very good" AKZ (only 2 points behind the winner).

Red Cross Rescue Dog 3 (Area Search Dog)

Sandra Ruggli-Klee and Haredale Masha end up in 3rd place with 284 points "very good" AKZ.

Fränzi Walser and Haredale Medowlark get 271 points "very good" AKZ.

8th  November 2009 - RCS Utility Dog Trial in Lyss

Companion Dog 2 

Barbara Banholzer and Haredale Questing Jools win the trial gaining 273 points "very good" AKZ -  20 points ahead of the team placed second.

A great big thank you to everyone for the wonderful results you all achieve with your Haredales!


7th & 8th November 2009

Field Trials English style in Coullons (F) - Walk-up on Partridge

Saturday, 7th November

Dunlin's marking is improving - at the end of the day he is placed 2nd excellent RCACT. Well done my big bear!

Orenda's first run in English style is promising. She marks excellently and is very biddable - gaining the qualification "excellent".

I am very happy about my reliable, consistent Orenda. Now she only needs two "very good" qualifications in the show ring for her titel "Champion Travail à la française" to be approved.

Sunday, 8th November 2009

Oranda surpasses herself and shows her tremendous biddability at a distance of a good 200m; before that she had shown some good marking and hunting in a hedge full of thorny bushes... At the end of the day she won, getting 1st excellent CACT!
Incredible, she gained her titel "Trialer à l'anglaise" at one single weekend!

Dunlin had, unfortunately, thought himself very clever and insisted on hunting in the wrong area, which meant I had to handle him using more commands than usual, however, he still got the qualification "excellent".

With the results gained at this one weekend both dogs are qualified for the French Championship.


15th November 2009 - St. John's Cold Game Test in Batzenhofen (Germany)

The lesson of the day was that I realized that even after 30 years of doing gundog work with Retrievers I should not think I know what is an eliminating fault or not...

Dunlin was put out in the first exercise - and the two of us made it into a nice training day.


14. November 2009 - BLP in St. Augustin

Regine Wangemann und Haredale Only Dottie bestehen die BLP mit 293 Punkten. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


14th November 2009 - Dummytests A & B of the GRC in Beckum

Andy Blockus and Haredale Reelan finish the DPA with 28 out of 30 points, which puts them in second place. In B-class they obtain 118 out of 128 points. Congratulations!


21st & 22nd November 2009 - Swiss Utility Dog Championships for all breeds

In total there were 5 Labradors running at this championship - all 5 of them Haredales.

Congratulations to all five teams for qualifying. Being able to compete in this event is in itself already a wonderful achievement!

... that the runner-up in Companion Dog 3 is a Haredale and the fourth place also goes to a Haredale, makes me proud and gives me confidence that my breeding policy cannot be too bad after all, because unfortunately there is no game shooting in Switzerland so that I have to breed an "allrounder" not merely a Labrador for the real thing.

Companion Dog 3

A great big hug to Haredale New Nando and his handler Res Krebs for their wonderful achievement of being placed second with 282 very good AKZ. Actually they only started out participating in their first CD3-trial this season to see how they were getting on... then ran in two more trials, qualifying straight out. Simply marvellous!

Ursula Müller-Reich and Haredale Midge end up in 4th place with 274 very good AKZ, after having been runner-up at the breed championship at the beginning of November. What super consistency! Carry on like this!

Red Cross Rescue 3

Here the performance is not quite what had been hoped for.

Sandra Ruggli-Klee and Haredale Masha pass the test, getting 73-90-83 and a good AKZ with 246 points. We all know that in rescue work it is the success, i.e. the finding of all objects and people missing that counts most. What a pity that the team lost a total of 20 points for not finding the rucksack in this competition. Congratulations for still obtaining the AKZ at these championships.

Fränzi Walser and Haredale Meadowlark unfortunately do not show the obedience work expected and cannot pass the test with 63 Punkten and a final score of 237 points and the qualification good. Nevertheless once again congratulations for having qualified to run in these championships. 


21. & 22. November 2009 - Field Trials in Gattico (I)

This Saturday, and in particular Dunlins last retrieve in the run-off will alway stay in my own and in many a spectator's memory, as it was a nearly incredible performance in marking ability: a hen bird had been shot at a distance of about 120m, across a field of cut maize, up a bank overgrown with bracken and then diagonally through a field of maize... Dunlin was out and back as if it had been a simple mark on a field... In doing so Dunlin secured his win after consisent marking, super-steadiness and an eye-wipe on a running cock: 1st excellent CACT & CACIT. What a day!

Our run on Sunday was not very fortunate and I trusted Dunlin's gamefinding ability much too much, making a handler error so that he only got a "non-classed", which could not mar my pleasure about Saturday's result.


21st November 2009 - French Championship of Practical Shooting (BICP)

Vera Crettaz and Haredale Loon win this championship with v1CACT & CACIT. What an incredible feat! Congratulations!


14th & 15th  November 2009 - Field Trials (English style) in Châtillon-le-Palud (F)

Vera Crettaz und Haredale Loon win v1CACT on Saturday and on Sunday they come 2nd v2RCACT. What unbelievably consistent performances this current season ! Super, the two of you!


Swiss All-breed Utility Dog Championships 2009
Antje Gunzinger & Haredale Mersey

Progeny of Dunlin
Health results (HD & ED) of the Growing-litter.


21. & 22. November 2009 - Working Test in Uster (24 competitors)

Novice Class

7th place with "very good", 87 points: André Bühler with Haredale Ramses.
9th place with "very good", 86 points: Cornelia Thoma with Haredale Rowan.

Congratulations to both teams and to Conny a great big compliment for the lovely result at first ever working test in her life!

Open Class

2nd place with "excellent", 111 points: André Bühler with Little Dart.

Congratulations to the two of you - you seem to have booked the 2nd place...


1st December 2009

Finally the last x-ray result of the R-litter is here and I am as pleased as the owner about the outcome:
Haredale Ramses: HD A/A, ED 0/0, shoulders OCD-free.


28th & 29th November 2009 - European Cup in Denmark

I shall try to do a short write-up about the event very soon. Just so much for the moment: the Swiss team did not do well, for none of the four dogs were able to qualify for the finals of Sunday. Dunlin was the best Swiss dog, getting a "good".


5th Decemer 2009 - Tracking Dog Trial

Veronika Schwarz and Haredale Ganesh manage to qualify in TD97 grade 1 gaining 93 points and the qualification "very good AKZ". Congratulations to the two of you - the old boy really deserves a very special dinner!

5th December 2009 - Utility Dog Trial KV Rheinfelden-Möhlin

Here too, the weather conditions make it a very difficult trial, so that the points obtained are not very high. However, Barbara Banholzer and Haredale Questing Jolls nevertheless manage to win once again in class CD2 getting 255 points "good AKZ". Congratulations to this win marking the end of your trial season!


12th/13th December 2009 - WRC Italy - Christmas Team Working Test

On Saturday Tanja Grygar and Haredale Questing Quip (Intermediate Class) and their team end up in 6th place.

On Sunday the women-team and their three labradors come 2nd.

In the individual scoring over both days, Tanja and Quip get the nice 3rd place (only 7 points behind the winner).

Great job! Well-done! 


Photos of the partridge shooting in Spain
Partridge shooting in Spain October 2009

S-litter photogallery
New photo of Spark in December 2009


19th December 2009 - Utility Dog Trial SC-OG Rothrist

Res Krebs and Haredale New Nando win their class CD3 with 285 points and the qualification "very good" AKZ - their training-partners Antje Gunzinger and Haredale Mersey get 262 points with the qualification "good" AKZ*.

Congratulations - now you all deserve a winter break!

*AKZ means they have obtained at least 70% in each part of the trial - thus qualifying.


Gallery of Champions: photos of Ivyglen Tessa and Hopeful Huckleberry added.


Haredale Karas: Obedience 3-Trials  2009

In 2009 Monika Metzger and Haredale Karas competed in 11 Obedience 3-trials. 2 x they were winners, and qualified for the Swiss Obedience Championship, where unfortunately they didn't do very well; 3 x they came 3rd and once 4th.

Congratulations to Monika and Karas. I am full of respect that Monika is carrying on competing after having received the devastating diagnosis - just before the Championship - that she is suffering from MS.


Monday, 28th December 2009 - Utility Dog Trial in Grenchen

Bianca Röthlisberger and Haredale Pintga manage to pass the CD 1- trial with 258 points "good" AKZ, thus qualifying to run in avalanche dog trials. Congratulations from litter brother Phoenix who still has to obtain this qualification!

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